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In the world, it is believed that the vast majority of people live to pursue happiness(wholesale nursery pots), but happiness is an abstract concept, which can neither be seen nor touched, nor be described clearly. However, we can find a plant that can represent happiness, that is the happiness tree(200 cell seed starting trays). As the name implies, happiness tree has the meaning of happiness and auspiciousness. So how wonderful it is to plant a happy tree at home!

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Normal maintenance and management means must be indispensable(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). In addition, we need to do a good job of basin replacement. So, how to change the basin of happiness tree? In order to make it easier to take off the basin, it is suggested to water it first, and then water it through, let the water soak the whole soil, and then you can easily take the happiness tree out of the original basin(seed starting trays supplier), and reduce the damage to the minimum.

(cheap plastic nursery supplies pots manufacturer)It's better to fill a layer of basin soil after the drainage layer, plant the happiness tree after the basin removal(cell trays), and then fill the culture soil around the tree. It's very important to water the happy tree in time after it's finished. The first watering after the potting is usually regarded as "root water"(72 cell plug trays supplier). This time, the watering amount should be sufficient and the water should be permeable, which is more conducive to its rapid survival.

Timely basin change is an important guarantee for pot planted happy trees to keep fresh and green all year round(black plastic nursery pots). The pot soil mainly composed of saprophytic soil was used as culture soil. Because the plant will inevitably lose a small number of leaves in the slow seedling process, which are mostly displayed in the form of yellow leaves(128 cell plug trays supplier). Moreover, the potted happiness tree is graceful and green all the year round, which has a very high ornamental value.(cheap plastic nursery supplies pots manufacturer)

After the completion of basin filling and watering(plug trays), the happy tree should be placed in the shade to slow down the seedlings, and gradually provide light for it after about 3-4 days, during which, make up water timely, mainly spraying leaf water. Only when the branches and leaves stretch can they be transferred to the normal maintenance management process(72 cell propagation trays). Proper pruning is recommended, but the focus of pruning is to remove yellow leaves.

Choose a larger flowerpot. In order to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients and water, we should remove them in time(plastic nursery pots). It should be noted that if the yellow leaves are continuously added after the end of the basin, the root system of the plant may be damaged during the basin change(128 cell seed trays wholesale). So we need to cut off the rotten roots in time, then sterilize the wound, and plant it again after the wound solidifies.(cheap plastic nursery supplies pots manufacturer)

In addition, the overnight tea can water the flowers(seedling trays wholesale), but according to the actual dry and wet degree of the pot soil, do not neglect the dry and wet degree of the pot soil, and eventually lead to waterlogging and rotten roots. In general, the invasion of diseases is also reduced, so finally, goldfish grass belongs to long sunshine flowers(32 cell seed starter trays), so it is best to give sufficient light. At the same time, it can also cut off the top or newly sprouted shoots of the plant. 

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