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In the cultivation of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, Banlangen, also known as indigo root(8 cell propagation trays wholesale), indigo root, and Isatis indigotica, is a cruciferous plant, which is rooted and used as medicine(105 cell plug trays supplier). It not only has high medicinal value such as clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood, eliminating spots, but also has higher planting benefits. 

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Fertilizer preparation and use After sowing of Banlangen (spring sowing in early April, summer sowing in late May), late May to early June is the first period of vigorous growth and development after sowing(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). The demand for a large amount of N, P, K elemental fertilizer from the roots of specific Isatis indigotica plants increased during this period(50 cell plug trays supplier). If combined with foliar plant growth agent (trace element fertilizer), the effect will be better.

(cheap plastic nursery trade pots suppliers canada)The specific method is: from late May to early June, acres use 7 to 8 kg of ammonium sulfate, 8 to 15 kg of phosphate fertilizer(18 cell propagation trays wholesale), and 3 to 5 kg of potassium fertilizer(cell seed trays). After the above fertilizers are mixed, they are evenly spread into the row of roots of Banlan (the spread of fertilizer applied) The root of the plant must be 5-10cm(72 cell plant trays bulk), the seedling height is about 10 cm, so as not to burn the root system of Isatis indigotica).

The method is as follows: 150-200 grams of foliar micro-fertilizer potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 200-250 grams of zinc sulfate, 50 grams of pine and green leaf(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), 200 grams of Tianrun foliar fertilizer, or 50 grams of foliar fertilizer ( Any one of the above-mentioned foliar microfertilizers may be used). After sowing of the root of the orchid(105 cell plant trays bulk), and the root of the orchid is sprayed uniformly for the first time, they can be replaced Species.

After harvesting the leaves in late June and mid-August(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), it can provide more than ten kinds of chemical trace elements such as iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese and so on for the growth of islet roots. Adding 50 to 75 kg of water, a large number of elements can promote the development of islet root plants(128 cell plant trays bulk). Robust, enhance photosynthesis, improve stress resistance, and increase production and income.(cheap plastic nursery trade pots suppliers canada)

The branch propagation is mainly carried out in the spring and summer seasons, and burdock can be sown in spring and autumn(40 cell plug tray wholesale), so fungi and new sticks are used. Its strong growth ability separates the stolons formed by branches. Amaranth usually guarantees sufficient light. It can be maintained in the courtyard and grows well without shading(162 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, it is necessary to manage fertilizer water scientifically and reasonably during this period.

(cheap plastic nursery trade pots suppliers canada)The seeds of amaranth have a hard shell, soak the seeds in water or a wet towel before planting, and wait for the seeds to gradually rupture(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). Water it and cover it with glass to keep it warm. You can grow floating leaves in one month. The amaranth branch is carried out in spring and summer. Roots and long shoots are rooted on each stem node. They are cut and cultivated in original pots(200 cell plug trays supplier). When they grow into small plants.

Can provide sufficient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for the growth of isatis root(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). Selection and Use of Trace Element Fertilizers While farmers apply a large amount of elemental fertilizer to the roots of the orchids according to the above-mentioned methods, ordinary pond mud can be used as a substrate for the cultivation of amaranth(200 cell plant trays bulk). It should not be too fertile, otherwise the foliage growth will be too dense and affect flowering.

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