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Cheap Plastic Nursery Tray For Hydroponics

Plug seedlings are generally entrusted with heavy responsibility, intensive seedlings, according to the production plan(100mm plastic grow pots), do the potted vegetable base technology export service, regardless of the southern or northern base, the most difficult question to be asked in the initial operation is, why do you not need to sprinkle seeds on the ground(cell flats)? Breeding, but it is more expensive to use seedlings to raise seedlings? Or is it better to broadcast directly in the pot? Good or bad.(cheap plastic nursery tray for hydroponics)

Finally, the pot seedlings of potted vegetables are also called factory seedlings(12cm plastic grow pots), which are seeded with a tray and periodically provide a qualified and stable number of seedlings. In the production process of the base, the most stable and technically capable personnel are responsible. The seedling cultivation of potted vegetables is directly related to the number of planting varieties, the types of planting(cheap plastic hanging baskets), the sustainability of the base supply and the maintenance yield, and even the final product quality.

(cheap plastic nursery tray for hydroponics)What to do? First, the number of seedlings in the tray is derived from the expected value of the sale(11cm plastic grow pots). In the end, the precise production of the seedlings through the seedlings can guarantee the accurate variety and quantity of the sales department within the specified time. The spread of seedlings can only reach approximate values and approximate quantities, and it is difficult to achieve precision, not to mention the zero stock of seedlings(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Second, tray seedling is a guarantee of yield.

After the root damage occurs, it is necessary to control the water in time(120mm plastic grow pots), and increase the night temperature in an appropriate amount. The roots are submerged in water, the roots are yellow, until they rot, and the whole seedlings are wilting or even dying. One is accurate and the other is an estimate. Then introduce the reason for this process today(bulk grow bags). Once it occurs, it can be controlled within a very small range, ensuring most of the seedlings. 

(cheap plastic nursery tray for hydroponics)The provincial process, labor saving and low cost(110mm plastic grow pots). The transplanting of the plugs is to ensure that there is no pests and diseases in each seedling, and each seedling is completely separated, so as to prevent the occurrence of large-area diseases. The supply is stable and continuous. Spreading seedlings has great labor savings, but the risk of hiding in pest control is also the biggest(plastic tree planters). If you are not afraid of 10,000, you will be afraid that the stable supply of base products is the top priority.

Plug seedlings are the beginning of realizing agricultural automation, mechanization, standardization and process in the future(12.5cm plastic grow pots). The shape of the seedlings is uniform and the quality is stable. This form is more convenient to interface with various production links and realize mechanical operation(fabric bags wholesale). The seedlings that have root damage occur from the old leaves, the edges of the leaves turn black, and gradually develop to the middle of the leaves.(cheap plastic nursery tray for hydroponics)

There are no various potential infections, smaller seedlings are not obvious, and larger plants are prone to occur(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). When the seedlings are large, the distance between the trays is increased, and the greenhouse ventilation is strengthened. After one or two days of slow seedlings, new roots are observed in the roots, and the water content of the substrate is less than 40. %, when the plants appear wilting at noon, use rooting powder to add to the irrigation water, moderate irrigation(black fabric bag), under normal circumstances can be restored.

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