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Sprouts are "sprouts" that can be eaten by the seeds of various cereals, beans, and trees(200 cell plug trays supplier). They are "living vegetables." The current sprouting sprouts on the market are: camphor sprouts, buckwheat sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, pepper sprouts, green black bean sprouts, acacia sprouts, sunflower sprouts, radish sprouts More than 30 varieties of Miao Cai(wholesale nursery pots), Longhua bean sprouts, peanut sprouts, and broad bean sprouts.(cheap plastic nursery tray manufacturers)

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In recent years, Japan, the United States, the European Union, Singapore(plastic nursery pots), Thailand, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong in China have conducted extensive research on the nutritional value and medicinal value of sprouts in Taiwan Province. It is generally believed that sprouts have anti-fatigue, Anti-aging, anti-cancer, weight loss, beauty and many other functions. Sprouts have developed rapidly in major cities across the country. Sprouts are also called bean sprouts.(200 cell plant trays bulk) According to records, there is no green bean sprouts. When the leaves turn green, they are called sprouts. The following statement is based on this definition.

(cheap plastic nursery tray manufacturers)Be sure to choose the new seeds of the year, the germination rate is high, the beans sold in the supermarket may be Chen seeds(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the germination rate cannot be guaranteed. First, remove mold, breakage and scorpion, then soak seeds with 2-3 times the weight of the seeds, soak seeds for 6-10 hours in summer, and soak for 20-24 hours in warm water in winter. The specific time depends on the characteristics of the seeds(32 cell plant trays bulk). The hard time is longer, the seed skin is thinner and shorter, and after swelling, it is cleaned with water and drained, so that it can be sown.

Place the gauze or rice paper on the sprouts tray. Pay attention to the seeds that are soaked and broken(black plastic nursery pots). The seeds are evenly distributed. It is better to leave no blanks or overlap. Spray 1-2 times a day of clear water. If it is found that the rotten seeds should be removed in time, the temperature in winter is low and try to place it in a place with high temperature. This stage should be shaded, and when the seedling height is about 2 cm, it can enter the next stage(50 cell plant trays bulk). Therefore, in the whole production process, attention should be paid to ventilation, ventilation and dehumidification under the premise of ensuring proper growth.

According to the weather conditions, watering in the rainy days(plug trays wholesale), watering in the dry days, watering less before 5 cm, soaking the seeds, watering more after 5 cm, watering 2-3 times a day, no water in the dish And not dripping water is appropriate. Under the strong light, it can grow into a green big leaf seedling. Under the condition of no light, it can grow into a tender yellow dragon seedling, and grow into a tender green seedling under low light conditions(50 cell seed trays wholesale). The relative humidity of the air is maintained at 70%-80%, and it is easy to develop due to excessive humidity.(cheap plastic nursery tray manufacturers)

When the seedling is about 10 cm long, the top true leaf just unfolds and can be harvested and cut from the root 2-3 cm(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Using a bean sprouts machine to grow bean sprouts is easy and convenient, and can be harvested in as little as 3 days. Low temperature in winter can also be germinated in the bean sprouts machine, then planted in the sprouts tray, harvest early, or directly open the lid of the bean sprouts machine in the late stage, and grow into sprouts under bright light(72 cell seed trays wholesale). The special seedling tray for the balcony vegetable garden greenhouse can be placed in four layers on each floor and 16 in four layers.

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