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The main reason is that although the nitrogen content of soybean is high(20 cell plug trays supplier), the source of nitrogen in the body can be obtained from three aspects: first, the available nitrogen is supplied by the soil nutrient bank; Second, there are nodules on the soybean roots, which can be symbiotic nitrogen fixation. When the conditions are suitable(small plastic terracotta pots), the nitrogen fixation amount of rhizobia can meet about half or even more of the nitrogen required for High-yield Soybean; third, fertilization.

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This is also true. 15-20 cubic meters of organic fertilizer per mu is suitable for the general soil of Shouguang(40 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, as a kind of high-efficiency and environmental protection fertilizer, calcium nitrate for agricultural use has great value of promotion and application; in order to promote the rapid growth of meat roots(five gallon planter), the second topdressing was carried out. In the next year, the N or K demand of fruit trees will be insufficient instead.(cheap plastic nursery tray wholesale suppliers brazil)

The crux of the original problem was that less organic fertilizer was applied(104 cell plug trays supplier). However, the soil in the shed is typical sandy soil, because the soil gap between the sands is large and the water and fertilizer conservation is poor, especially in the peak season of eggplant production, resulting in insufficient nutrition supply for eggplant growth(buy plastic plant pots online), resulting in the phenomenon of de fertilization, so as to meet the needs of the peak of potassium absorption of late rice.

The result of the imbalance of soil fertility is that the actual utilization rate of nitrogen and phosphorus is very low, nitrogen is less than 30%(105 cell seed trays wholesale); the shortage of quality elements such as potassium, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and so on leads to the malnutrition, which not only makes the plants susceptible to diseases, but also reduces the quality of agricultural products(propagation tray succulents), a lot of fertilizer applied is lost with the water, and the melons are not fragrant and the fruits are not sweet.

(cheap plastic nursery tray wholesale suppliers brazil)At the beginning of tillering, the best effect of topdressing is to use 10 kg KCl per mu of late rice, which is better to be applied in two times(32 cell seed trays wholesale). The first time is to apply in the flat field before transplanting, 6-7 kg per mu, and the second time is to use 3-4 kg per mu, which can be applied in combination with the first time of topdressing(small plastic plant containers). When the protein synthesized by microorganism is decomposed, the nitrate nitrogen produced can be used as nutrient for vegetable absorption and utilization.

Generally, deciduous fruit trees in North China are crops with a long growth cycle(200 cell plug trays supplier). In terms of the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, spring is the peak period of nitrogen absorption, while the expansion period after fruit setting to the pre harvest period is the peak period of potassium absorption(lavender plug trays). It is not suitable to combine inorganic fertilizer with fruit trees in one time in any period. This is an important source of nitrogen for legumes.(cheap plastic nursery tray wholesale suppliers brazil)

If the N, K fertilizer needed by fruit trees in the whole year is mixed with organic fertilizer and applied once, it is not the peak period of N, K absorption of fruit trees at this time(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). The N, K fertilizer applied is excessive for fruit trees, and the inorganic nutrients that can not be used by fruit trees will be fixed or lost in the soil(plastic nursery planters). This is closely related to the variety of calcium fertilizer used on the leaf surface, because the mobility of calcium in the plant is very small.

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