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The root system of rose is developed, the growth speed is fast, and the output of fresh flowers is high(cell trays). Therefore, the demand for nutrients in the soil is quite large. Nitrogen fertilizer is an important nutrient needed by rose, which plays an important role in the growth of rose and the yield of fresh flowers(plastic cell trays supplier). Only when the nitrogen supply is sufficient, can the branches and leaves flourish and grow normally.

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But if the nitrogen fertilizer in the soil is too much(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), it is easy to cause the branches to grow in vain, the tissues to be loose, the flowers to bloom less, even the flowers to be deformed. If the soil is lack of phosphate fertilizer, it will make the branches weak and the flowers droop and weak(32 cell seed trays wholesale). Therefore, when applying base fertilizer every autumn, it is necessary to add proper amount of phosphate fertilizer.

(cheap plastic nursery trays for plants manufacturer)Potassium fertilizer can promote the growth of new shoots and leaves of rose to be normal(wholesale nursery pots), the flower buds to be full, and the rose oil content of fresh flowers to be high. If the soil is lack of trace elements, it will make the leaves of plants lose green, even make the organs of plants deformed(seed starting trays wholesale), produce various physiological diseases, and affect the normal growth and development of rose plants.

Only when different kinds of nutrients are properly combined to increase the number of fresh flowers(plastic nursery pots), can the flowers be of high quality, high yield, and good harvest year after year. In addition, rose also needs some trace elements, such as boron, manganese, iron, zinc and so on(3.54inch plastic plant pots). Phosphate fertilizer can promote the growth of rose root system, make the root system developed, the leaf surface is fat and the flower color is bright. 

In general(105 cell seed trays wholesale), it is recommended to apply Stanley 45% (15-15-15) compound fertilizer of 30-40kg per mu, and apply fully decomposed soil and miscellaneous fertilizer of 3000-4000kg to meet the needs of rose for quick and long-term nutrients, as well as for trace elements(3.94inch plastic plant pots). The time should be as early as possible, which can make the injured root system get healing and produce new root, which is conducive to promoting the vigorous growth of plants in the next spring.

It is recommended to apply Stanley 45% (15-15-15) compound fertilizer or tower compound fertilizer 10-20 kg per mu(plug trays). The specific amount can be determined according to the local soil nutrient content and the previous years' fertilizer use. The four fertilizations are as follows: the first is the germination period, when the root begins to grow and sprouts on the ground(4.13inch plastic plant pots), fertilizer should be applied to promote the growth of new branches and leaves.(cheap plastic nursery trays for plants manufacturer)

Generally, the application of base fertilizer is too late, and the second is the bud stage(200 cell seed trays wholesale). At this time, the lack of nutrients will directly affect the yield and quality of fresh flowers. Fourth, in the later stage of flower, the growth of branches and leaves gradually stopped, the utilization rate of light energy was high(3.94inch plastic nursery pots), the photosynthetic efficiency was strong, the accumulation of nutrition was increased, and returned to the roots.

(cheap plastic nursery trays for plants manufacturer)It will make the branches of rose weak and the new shoots grow slowly(black plastic nursery pots). Only topdressing is carried out in the rose growing season in spring and summer, generally four times. Except for the base fertilizer, if not, at this time when we are sowing, the rose sprouts and leaves, the root growth enters the peak, and the fertilizer demand is large(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). There are two kinds of fertilization for rose, base fertilizer and top dressing.

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