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Cheap Plastic Nursery Trays Manufacturers Sweden

In autumn, the amount of fertilizer should be gradually reduced, once a month or so, and once a month or two in winter(plant germination trays). If it is a small pot of soil cultivated flowers, one hand to hold the plant, the other hand to invert the pot, gently patted on the bottom of the pot, you can get out of the pot soil and flower plants(plant cell trays). Weigh the above substances according to the proportion, add 1 liter of water to dissolve, and then prepare the nutrient solution. 

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The soil should be moistened first, and the soil should be loosened along the basin wall with bamboo sticks or iron bars to separate the soil from the inner wall of the pot(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Then, hold the base of the plant tightly with the right hand and tap around the flowerpot with the other hand, and then pull the plant out of the soil to minimize the damage to the root system, so as not to affect the future growth(128 cell plug trays supplier). It is not easy to turn the flowerpot upside down if it is cultivated in medium pot soil.(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers sweden)

No matter the fleshy roots that are easy to be injured or the fine fibrous roots and root hairs should not be washed too hard, so as to avoid damaging the roots too much(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). We can pour some water properly, reduce the plant temperature, dilute the nutrient solution concentration, and prevent the withered Artemisia annua. When the plant is knocked out of the pot, dip it into the pot or sink and wash the soil with your fingers(seed starting tray wholesale). The root system should be distributed in the matrix in umbrella shape.

(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers sweden)If it is 2-3 plants carrying one basin, the roots should be pushed and loaded in an arc or fan shape to make the population roots like an umbrella, and strive to make the nutrient absorption area uniform and reasonable(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Spring and summer are the peak seasons for flower growth, and the amount of fertilizer required is large(5.9inch plastic plant pots). Generally, family potted plants are irrigated once every 7-10 days. Medium and large plants can be washed with tap water pipes.

Some commercial activities, due to the lack of soil flowers and temporary changes, often in a hurry, make some mistakes, resulting in the growth of soilless flowers, affecting the ornamental and soilless flowers reputation(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Water only on weekdays. Soilless cultivation of flowers can be watered once a week, usually watering, to keep the substrate in a moist state(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Wash the roots and remove the accumulated salt in the forest once a year.(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers sweden)

The common problem in this procedure is to take root system into "whisker shape" and cut it into a basin(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), resulting in the root rot due to anoxia, or the root is not rotten, but new roots are few, thin and slow, affecting the absorption function. In summer, the weather is hot and the evaporation is large(plastic flower pots manufacturers). The newly transplanted soilless flowers should be placed in a place where the light is not very strong, so as to slow down the seedlings.

(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers sweden)It increases the decoration of flowers(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). If you put a few bottles of hydroponic flowers in the office desk, tea table and so on, you can make the environment become elegant and have extraordinary artistic conception. It is clean and sanitary with less diseases and insect pests. The procedure of flower maintenance is simplified and busy work is avoided(6 cell plant trays). Even if you go out for a few days because of meeting, visiting relatives or traveling, it will not affect the growth of flowers.

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