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The following is a detailed introduction to everyone: breeding time, sweet potato species should be fully bred from mid-February to mid-April(3.5 inch plant pots). The area south of the Huaihe River needs to start breeding after mid-February, and the area north of the Huaihe River is finished before April 10, and the plastic film is mainly covered by hotbed or cold bed(8 inch plastic nursery pots). Most of the open dew potato before April 20th, using open field breeding, without covering the film, should be more suitable for breeding 45 days before planting.

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The seedbed is better in east-west direction, the bed is about 1.3 meters wide, and the length is based on potato seed(germination pots). Depending on how much, the plastic film is covered. Fill in the bed soil: the bed soil should be loose, fertile, and free of pathogens. It is best to use sandy loam. The bed soil is not too thin or too thick, preferably 5-8 cm(nursery bags suppliers). The oblique row is 1/3 of the potato head pressed by the potato head, so that the upper part of the potato block is hairpin and the solar energy breeding is better in flat row.(cheap plastic one gallon plant pots manufacturer)

After the bed is leveled, 100 grams of ammonium sulfate per square meter is applied to increase the quality and quantity of the potato seedlings(plastic planters online). Seed potato selection and treatment: Select potato stalks with the characteristics of this variety, smooth potato skin, bright skin color, uniform potato stalk, moderate size, no disease and no injury, no cold damage and wet damage, and more white pulp(plastic flower pots manufacturers bangalore). The weight is preferably from 3 to 1 jin, and 65 kilograms of sweet potato is required per acre.

The seedbed bed layout is selected as a breeding seedbed with aseptic and disease-free sun-filled plots(10 gallon plastic container). A certain amount of decomposed cattle and horse manure should be applied to the bed soil. Participate in warm water soaking with 51-54 degrees of warm water for 10 minutes. Straight row should not be used under normal circumstances. When you are decanting, you must distinguish between the head and the tail, and you cannot reverse the row(1.5 gallon nursery pots). Generally, the potato scalp is dark in color, with a lot of juice and less fine roots.

(cheap plastic one gallon plant pots manufacturer)When soaking seeds, it is necessary to strictly control the water temperature and time(nursery planters). When the seed potatoes are warmed down, they should be constantly turned up and down to make them evenly heated. It is not advisable to use warm water soaking seeds in open field seedlings or seed potatoes that have been slightly damaged by frost. Seed potatoes can also be soaked with pesticides, soaked with 50% carbendazim 500 times(5 gallon tree pots), or 70% with 4% thiophanate plus water for 700 minutes, can be sterilized and disease-proof.

It is necessary to master the principle of large potato densely packed and small potato thinning, and the principle of uniformity in the time of rowing(15 gallon container), so that the tops of the potato cakes are uniform and uniform, which is convenient for seedbed management. Generally, you can also use the above syrup to sprinkle the seedbed(miniature succulent pots). Seeding technology: There are three types of rows: oblique row, flat row and straight row. The potato seed is evenly distributed and not dense, which is beneficial to cultivating strong seedlings.(cheap plastic one gallon plant pots manufacturer)

The plots with flat leeward sun, good drainage and low groundwater level are selected(6 inch nursery pots). Because the size of the potato pieces is different, it is necessary to classify and select the potatoes separately. The types of fertilizers used to grow organic vegetables are: organic fertilizer(plastic bonsai pots wholesale), compost, manure, green manure, mineral source fertilizer, and pure organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer produced by some manufacturers that are allowed to be applied on organic vegetables.

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