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The elegant shape of the bamboo plant and the explosive artistic temperament show that many flower friends like to raise a basin to decorate their home(large plastic terracotta pots). In this way, the most important thing in the daily maintenance of bamboo is watering. The requirement for watering is still very high(50 cell seed trays wholesale). If there is more watering, it will lead to the poor growth of the bamboo, the branches and leaves will turn yellow, fall off or rotten roots.

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Choose cool time for watering in the morning and evening(sureroot plug trays bulk). The amount and frequency of watering depends on the temperature. If the temperature is above 20 ℃, the air is well ventilated and the light is good, then the basin soil should be kept slightly moist and not allowed to be too dry(72 cell seed trays wholesale). If the temperature is below 15 ℃, then it is necessary to control the watering, keep the basin soil dry and thoroughly poured, and the weather will be cold, so more watering is not allowed.

(cheap plastic plant growing trays supplier)It's easy to leave yellow when it's dry(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). When the air is dry, spray more water, or put a large basin of water next to it, or even put some small pebbles on the tray, pour in the water, and then put the flowerpot on the pebbles, then it'll get wet. When the air is dry, spray it into water. When the weather is clear, it can be sprayed sooner or later(seed planting trays wholesale). When the air humidity is increased, it can also keep the branches and leaves green, promote branches and grow taller.

Note: if it is safe, once the tip of the bamboo leaves starts to turn yellow, it should be noticed immediately(plastic plant trays wholesale). If there is less watering, it will also make the tip of the bamboo turn yellow. So, how often do you water the potted bamboo? How do you water it? Too much water and too wet basin soil will easily cause root rot, and too little water will cause leaf tip to wither, scorch and turn yellow(18 cell plug trays supplier). If it is difficult to control the water quantity, it can also be carried out alternately with large and small water.

Generally, the surface of basin soil is dry and then poured(square grow pots). In summer, water in the morning and at night, and the water volume can be larger. In addition, you can often spray water on the surrounding ground. The key of bamboo management is watering. The amount of watering should be adjusted according to the plant growth and season(20 cell plug trays supplier). In winter, spring and autumn, watering should be properly controlled. Generally, the surface of basin soil should be dried before watering.(cheap plastic plant growing trays supplier)

Judge whether the water content is short or excessive according to the recent weather and watering frequency(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The water content of the bamboo soil is only 30%. Open the moss and probe into the soil with your fingers. It's better to feel some light tide(40 cell plug trays supplier). If you feel that there is enough water at this time, you should stop watering at the moment, put it in a well ventilated and bright place, and then look at the degree of soil moisture in a week.

(cheap plastic plant growing trays supplier)If it is not poured for a long time and the soil is dry, it should be poured through immediately(gallon pot). Hot noon sun exposure, bamboo root steam sauna, will soon dry out. Tap water can also be used directly, but the water temperature should not be too different between flowerpots. It's better to dry for two days. When spraying water for moss, remember to spray water mist on the surface(104 cell plug trays supplier). Do not water the moss in large amount, and infiltrate it to cause excess water.

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