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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk Canada

Today, we will talk about the common problems and solutions in the breeding of flue-cured tobacco(wholesale nursery pots): if some holes in the seedling process are dry and do not absorb water, the seed will be dry. The dry holes are mainly caused by insufficient water in the substrate and loose packing of the matrix during loading, so that the floating disk is placed in the floating pool, and the matrix leaks out from the bottom hole of the floating disk, and the matrix forms a fault in the hole(11.43cm square nursery pots), so that the moisture cannot be normally absorbed to the surface. Thereby affecting the emergence of seedlings.

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(cheap plastic plant pots in bulk canada)The main technical measures to avoid the production of matrix dry holes are: control the substrate moisture when loading(plastic nursery pots), not over dry; when loading the plate, the matrix in the hole must be slightly pressurized and not too loose. After the dry hole appears, if it has not yet emerged: the matrix should be compacted by hand to fill the hole. Re-seeding, watering from the top to make the matrix in the hole moist(11.43cm square grow pots), to speed up the rate of water infiltration, if the seedlings forming the cavity are too small, then transplant the seedlings when the seedlings are fixed.

The key factor for slow seedling emergence after floating seedlings is that the temperature and water temperature are too low(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the seedlings are slow when the water temperature is below 12 °C. The irregular emergence of the seedlings is mainly due to the lack of the first watering after sowing, or the low rate of cracking of the uniform coating or the uneven cracking. The length and uniformity of the emergence time are closely related to the uniformity of the cracking of the coating(8.89cm square grow pots). To avoid the above problems, spray water after sowing to evenly lyse the seeds into a powder.

(cheap plastic plant pots in bulk canada)On the second day of sowing, check the cracking of the coating to determine whether to continue to drench(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After emergence, the growth period is slow to the Great Cross. During the period from the germination to the development of the two cotyledons, the photosynthetic ability of the cotyledons is weaker because only the main roots grow. This period of seedlings is in a short period of physiological hunger. If the foliar fertilizer is sprayed 500-800 times on the foliar surface(6.35cm square grow pots), and the leaf surface is rinsed with water in time, it will help the tobacco seedlings to pass through this period quickly.

Although the seedbed management in this period is still based on heat preservation(plug trays wholesale), at noon on sunny days, when the temperature is higher than 35 °C, attention should be paid to ventilation and dehumidification, so that the surface of the seedbed has horizontal airflow, which reduces the moisture of the substrate and promotes root growth. High temperature, low humidity and excessive air flow can promote the evaporation of water on the surface of the substrate, leading to the accumulation of fertilizer in the upper part of the seedling(23cm plastic grow pots). Salt accumulation is mainly at 1.3cm above the substrate, which can cause death of tobacco seedlings in severe cases.

(cheap plastic plant pots in bulk canada)The period from emergence to root penetration from the substrate into the nutrient solution is a stage where salt damage is likely to occur(black plastic nursery pots). It is analyzed by salt, and salt damage can be eliminated by spraying with water. Early spring seedlings, due to unstable temperatures, sometimes there will be a continuous cold current, the shed temperature drops sharply at night, causing seedlings to chill(20cm plastic grow pots). After the cold damage occurred, the edge of the leaf curled or tongue-shaped, the color of the tongue leaf and the heart leaf turned white or pale yellow, and even the tobacco seedling deformed and the growth stopped.

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