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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Large Wholesale Switzerland

When we cultivate succulents, we often choose the fleshy flower pots because we need to change the pots(plastic nursery pots). When choosing, we must follow certain principles. When changing succulents, we should consider whether succulents are in dormancy. This will be beneficial to the normal growth of succulents(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the succulent plants are replaced, the size of the new flowerpots only needs to be slightly larger than the original flowerpots, and it is generally about 3 cm.

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(cheap plastic plant pots large wholesale switzerland)If the fleshy flowerpot is too large(plastic nursery pots wholesale), it will easily lead to a disproportionate growth in the roots and other parts of the plant, so that the energy is consumed by the branches and leaves. When changing the pots, the succulents should be very careful to avoid inadvertently damaging the roots. Therefore, at the time of transplantation, the root soil should be left in a spherical shape to protect the roots of the succulent plants(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). After transplanting, the layer of insect-repellent net can be placed on the outside, and then placed in the fleshy flower pot, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases.

When planting more meat, you should choose a fleshy flower pot according to the actual situation(black plastic nursery pots). You should choose a fleshy flower pot with better permeability and drainage. The bottom of the flower pot is preferably with a small hole. You can first put a layer of pumice or cinder on the bottom of the fleshy flower pot, and then plant the succulent plant inside. When choosing, you should also consider the different shapes of the plants to select the corresponding fleshy flower pots(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). The spherical succulents can choose square or round fleshy flower pots, but it is recommended that you prefer the round fleshy flower pots.

(cheap plastic plant pots large wholesale switzerland)Square fleshy flower pots are more suitable for clusters or angular succulents(plug trays wholesale). When choosing the color of the fleshy flower pot, try to choose three kinds of red, yellow and blue, which will make the whole succulent plant look better. At the same time, we must also consider the environment of the fleshy flower pots, and try to make the fleshy flower pots and the indoor environment coordinate and complement each other(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). The soil of the humus soil mixed with 1:1:1 is used as the culture soil. The plastic flower pot manufacturer can put the composted compost and a small amount of bone powder as the base fertilizer at the bottom of the pot.

Plastic flower pots planting fruits and vegetables can not only play the role of viewing and eating(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Lilies usually have diseases such as bulb rot, spot disease, and leaf blight. If spot disease occurs, remove the diseased leaves in time, and then spray the surface of the leaves with a 65% dilution of 65% zinc WP to prevent further spread. In order to make the bulbs of the lily full, it is necessary to cut off the residual flowers after flowering(162 cell propagation trays wholesale), reduce their consumption of nutrients, and avoid affecting the opening of other flowers.

(cheap plastic plant pots large wholesale switzerland)It is possible to spray some foliar fertilizers properly to prevent the fertilizer from being directly spilled into the soil of the plastic flower pot(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), which will cause the roots of the plants to rot. After entering the winter, the flower plants enter a dormant state and do not need to water too much. Yangsheng plant plastic flower pot manufacturers usually pour once in half a month. Other types of flowers can be used once a week(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). Before watering, a wooden stick of about 20 cm can be inserted into the plastic pot soil to see if the soil is dry. No watering is needed for the time being.

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