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Crab claw orchid is a kind of green planting that many pot friends like to cultivate in pots(1 gallon pots distributor). It not only bears shade, but also drought. It is very suitable for indoor cultivation. More importantly, the green planting of crab claw orchid is relatively easy to raise. Even so, there will still be a personal pot friend in the process of breeding flower bud phenomenon. In fact, there are many causes of bud dropping in Cymbidium crabsonii(wholesale nursery pots). We need specific analysis, not generalization and generalization.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturer philippines)

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For beautifying the indoor environment(2 gallon pots distributor), the essence of indoor air has a good effect. However, the occurrence of bud dropping in Cymbidium chinense is usually due to improper maintenance and management. When crab claw orchid blossoms, people often feel its infinite charm. Dropping buds will inevitably affect the ornamental effect of potted plants and affect the mood of viewers(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Today, Xiaobian will share with you the reasons why the crab claw orchid falls off its bud, hoping to help new pot friends.

The most common reason for the bud drop of Cymbidium crabsonii is the improper management of water and fertilizer(3 gallon pots distributor), especially the excessive intake of water and fertilizer. Some pot friends think that increasing the management of water and fertilizer can improve the quality of flowering and make the flowers blossom more brilliantly. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. If the water and fertilizer supply is too much, the plant can not absorb it for a while(plug trays wholesale), and will naturally gather in the pot, thus causing damage to the root system, so the phenomenon of flower bud dropping is inevitable.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturer philippines)

What's wrong with the falling buds of potted crab claw orchid? The temperature of the mother plant is lower after planting(5 gallon pots distributor). Pay attention to the closed shed. The temperature should be kept at 28 C. The top air outlet can be opened when the temperature is higher than 28 C, and the air outlet can be closed when the temperature is lower than 24 C. In the middle and late May, the top air outlet can be closed, the film on both sides of the shed can be opened, the film on both sides of the north and South (door) can be removed, and the ventilation can be strengthened(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After 6 months, the light intensity increased and the temperature increased, and the shading net (60% shading rate) was covered in the shed to cool down.

Because the crab claw orchid has a certain shade resistance(7 gallon pots distributor), and not cold resistance, so it is more suitable for indoor maintenance. Especially when the outside temperature drops to 15 degree C, it should be moved indoors in time and put in a suitable position. But many people like to put it indoors for a long time, while ignoring that crab claw orchid is not cold-resistant and high temperature-resistant(black plastic nursery pots). Once the indoor temperature is too high, especially in summer, the indoor temperature may exceed 20 degrees C.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturer philippines)This reason is often overlooked by many pot friends, the original people always think that the light(14 gallon pots distributor), temperature, water and fertilizer management work in place. In fact, reasonable pruning of potted crab claw orchid at the right time is also an important aspect to ensure that the plant keeps a perfect blooming. If not pruned for a long time, potted crab claw orchid will appear very messy(plastic nursery pots), which not only affects the beautiful plant shape, but also induces the phenomenon of flower bud drop.

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