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Generally, most seeds can be sown after showing their mouths(51 cell trays bulk). So it is called low temperature treatment, which is to put the germinated seeds in an environment of about 0 ℃ for 1 to 2 days, and then sow; the so-called temperature change treatment is to put the germinated seeds in a low temperature environment of 0 to 2C for 12 to 18 hours(plastic seed trays). And then put it under the temperature of 18 ~ 22 ℃ for 16 ~ 22 hours, and then sow.

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Tomato seedling age is suitable for 60 ~ 80 days, generally 60 days for early maturing varieties, 65 ~ 70 days for medium maturing varieties, 75 ~ 80 days for late maturing varieties(104 cell trays bulk). In order to improve the cold resistance and disease resistance of seeds, low temperature or variable temperature treatment can be used. During the seedling stage, the wind should be released, not the top(plastic garden pots wholesale). Generally, the air release begins after the emergence of the seedling.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers south africa)Pushing the corresponding number of days forward from the local frost break is the appropriate sowing period(72 cell seed starting trays). Taking the 10 meter long lashes as an example, each wow can plant about three or two, one wow can transplant seedlings and four wows, one-and-a-half acre can be planted in small racks, and 2 acres can be planted in large racks(large plastic planters cheap). Seeding should be sunny and windless, and will be conducted from 9 am to 4 pm.

If the weather is not good, you can put the seeds in a place around 10 ℃, wrap them in a damp cloth or soak them in cold water for a short time(128 cell seedling start trays). If the seeds are too dry or the cloth is dry when germinating, sprinkle some water to keep the seeds moist(4.92inch plastic plant pots). The method of releasing wind should be flexibly mastered according to the seedling condition and weather conditions. Immediately after sowing, spread half-finger thin tide soil in Wannai.

There are two sowing methods: one is withdrawing, which is to spread the seeds evenly in the wow by hand(128 cell seed starter trays); the other is to spray the seeds, which are to contain the seeds in the mouth and spray them evenly into the eyelashes. The rate at which seedlings are unearthed depends on the temperature(72 cell trays). Pay attention to the temperature change in the wow, generally around 20 ~ 25 ℃ during the day and 13 ~ 15 ℃ at night.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers south africa)

Therefore, cover the plastic film immediately after sowing, and cover it with grass bitter at night to raise the temperature in Yangwa(seed plug trays wholesale). Generally master about 25 ~ 30 ℃ during the day and no less than 15 ℃ at night. If it is found that the seedlings of the top soil are wearing caps or cracks on the brown surface, it should be covered with 3.3 mm thick fine soil(5.12inch plastic plant pots). This is conducive to moisture retention, heat preservation, and promote root growth.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers south africa)Miao Miao is going to be inferior to staying good, proceed: the seedling is about 3 cm away(32 cell seed starting trays). Do not pull out the seedlings during seedlings, and pinch off the seedlings by hand to avoid damaging the roots of the retained seedlings and causing dead seedlings. The seedlings should be carried out at noon on a sunny day without wind. In addition, we must release the wind in a timely manner(72 cell trays bulk). Ventilation is to prevent the seedlings from growing up.

In order to make the seedlings have enough space and nutrient area, the seedlings should be divided(105 cell seed starting trays). Seedling is usually carried out when seedlings grow to 3 to 4 leaves in mid-March. Appropriate early division can reduce root damage and help slow seedlings(plastic flower pots wholesale). Before splitting the seedlings, the fertilizer should be turned deeply, and the soil and fertilizer should be mixed and raked to make the inside warmer, and then sow after the weather is good.

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