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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Ireland

Under natural conditions, seedlings can be unearthed after 1-2 winters, and the emergence rate is low(13cm plastic grow pots). In order to promote the seed germination, it is necessary to harvest the seed coat after it has turned into a deep red after the cracking of the capsule. Generally, the seeds of the seven-leaf flower are mostly harvested in September-October(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Wash the harvested fruit and select the full, mature, disease-free, mildewed and damaged seeds of the seven-leaf flower, and place the seeds in a cool, ventilated place to cool to 70% (the seeds are transparent).

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(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale ireland)The dried seeds of the seven leaves and one flower are packed in a ventilated cloth bag(14cm plastic grow pots), 1-2 kg per bag, placed in a refrigerator or a cold storage for low temperature treatment, and the temperature is maintained at 2 ° C - 4 ° C, and flipped every 4-7 days to view Whether there is mildew, treatment for 15-20 days. Choose a sealed room, there must be windows to make it transparent before and after, indoor air conditioning installed, can make the indoor temperature control to about 23 °C(plug trays wholesale). The room is equipped with a culture rack that can hold 5-6 layers.

The seeds of Aesculus chinensis have obvious post-ripening effects, and the embryos need to be matured before they can mature(15cm plastic grow pots). Place the prepared substrate in the seedling tray and load it to two-thirds. The sorghum is 1.2m wide, 20cm high and 40cm wide. The kneading surface is flat. After the plants of the seven leaves and one flower are planted (in mid-October), the shading nets are gathered in time(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The pests and diseases in the seedling stage mainly include tigers, mites, root rots, and stagnation diseases.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale ireland)The seedling tray can use a 40cm×40cm seedling tray(16cm plastic grow pots), the substrate can be purchased as a seedling substrate, the substrate is watered and the moisture is about 65%, and the tray is to be loaded. The treated seven-leaf and one-flowered seeds were evenly spread in a dish, 150 g per dish, covered with a layer of substrate, and watered. The treated seedling tray was placed on a culture rack for cultivation, and the air conditioner was adjusted to 24 ° C(wholesale nursery pots), the indoor temperature was maintained at about 23 ° C, the humidity was about 70%, and the culture was carried out for 1 month.

Turn off the air conditioner, incubate at room temperature for half a month(16.5cm plastic grow pots), water it at the right time, and keep the humidity at around 70%. Then turn on the air conditioner and culture at about 23 °C. At this time, the seeds of the seven-leaf flower have been swollen and long roots, and then cultured for about two months, the humidity is maintained at about 70%, and the roots grow to 2 to 3 cm(plastic nursery pots). The soil is selected as sandy loam, loose and fertile, with good permeability and relatively flat plots, and has certain irrigation conditions.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale ireland)Add 25% of the seedling substrate or mountain soil for tillage, and sprinkle 2kg of 3% phoxim granules per acre to kill underground pests(19cm plastic grow pots). Seeding is usually carried out from mid-March to mid-April. After the kneading noodles are done, the water is first poured, and then the seed of the seven-leaf clover flower seedlings after germination is spread evenly on the clam surface. After sowing, the mountain base soil or the seedling substrate is covered(black plastic nursery pots), and the covering soil is required to be uniform, and the thickness is 1.5-2 cm. Cover with a pine needle.

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