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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Middle East

Loosen the soil and weed. Because peony likes to make the soil warm, it is very important to often hoe and weed(40 cell tray in bulk). After rainfall or watering, if the soil is slightly dry, it is necessary to hoe and loosen the soil. To shoot is to peel off the useless buds from the root neck of the plant or from the selected stocks(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). It starts from "spring equinox" to "Qingming" in the second year after peony planting, and it is carried out every year.

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In the deciduous period, from October to the first ten days of November, the leaves gradually turn yellow and fall off(128 cell seedling start trays). The depth of hoe should be 5-10 cm, the second hoe should be deep (10 cm) and thin, and no raw land should be left. After the first bud removal, the second bud removal can be carried out according to the growth of peony before and after the summer solstice(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). The farther away from it, the slower the growth.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale middle east)After anthesis, the green sunflower fruit turns yellow and turns crab yellow(51 cell trays bulk); in order to reduce water evaporation and maintain vigorous growth, the two -, three -, the hoe should be shallow, and four-year-old peonies can be dug shallowly to a depth of 15 cm to enhance the drought resistance(plastic plant pots bulk). Only by removing the terminal bud can the balance of growth potential be changed and the growth and flowering of lateral buds be promoted.

In the high temperature and rainy season in summer, the soil moisture is high and the surface is easy to harden(128 cell seed starter trays). Weeds are easy to grow, so weeding is more important. Too early buds did not germinate and grow, not clean, too late redundant branches and waste buds consumed a lot of nutrients, affecting the normal growth and development of peony plants(6.3inch plastic plant pots). The time of removing buds should not be too early or too late.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale middle east)

Its purpose is to maintain plant type, concentrate nutrients, promote flowering and root growth(104 cell trays bulk). Just as the flower growers say, "when the flower is gathered, the flower will be fat, and when it opens, it will be very beautiful.". The most active parts of tree peony were the top of branch and the end of root(plastic flower pots wholesale). Setting stock is to determine the number of branches to be retained by the plant. Also change the height and position of the branches.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale middle east)The stock should be fixed according to different varieties and uses(seed plug trays wholesale). More plants should be kept for propagation, less for greening, ornamental or medicinal use, and 5-8 strands for both uses. The first and second fertilization should be mainly organic nitrogen fertilizer, plus a small amount of phosphorus fertilizer, and the third application of total element fertilizer(plastic garden pots wholesale). Compost, dung, bean cake and oil residue are the best.

When the new shoots extend 5-10 cm out of the ground(72 cell seed starting trays), the buds are removed in fixed strands, and 5-8 strands of strong growing and evenly distributed branches can be reserved for each plant. Remove all the buds sprouting from the root neck. And to strip the useless buds from the chosen stocks. The apical bud should not be retained(nursery plant pots wholesale). It should be carried out 2-3 times before flowering and once or twice a month from flowering to autumn.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale middle east)

In the stage of leaf enlargement, after the flower withers, the leaf enlarges rapidly, the leaf thickens and the color is deep(32 cell seed starting trays); in the stage of scale bud differentiation, the scale bud inoculated between leaf axils begins to differentiate from May to the end of July(large plastic planters cheap); at the seed mature stage, in the flower bud differentiation stage, the flower bud basically forms from September to mid October, with full, smooth and round shape.

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