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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Montenegro

It is also easy to be washed by sterile water or can decompose by itself, and will not be left on the culture materials and affect the growth(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). The commonly used sterilizing agents include sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, mercuric chloride, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc., especially mercuric chloride(plastic plant pots price). Then dry the water with sterile filter paper and prepare for inoculation.

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The steps for sterilization treatment of explant surface are as follows(4 inch plastic plant pots): brush and wash the collected plant materials, brush and wash the parts to be used under tap water with soft hair drama, brush pen, etc.(20 inch plastic flower pots), clean a small amount of washing and painting, then cut the materials into appropriate size, put them into a beaker, and wash them with running water for several minutes to several hours(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro).

After selecting a certain basic medium, the first thing to consider is the type and ratio of plant hormones(v9 nursery pots). If necessary, professional personnel shall be invited to replace them(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). The super clean worktable shall be scrubbed with 20% Bromogeramine or 70% alcohol and irradiated with ultraviolet lamp for 20 minutes(v10 nursery pots). In addition, the coarse filter membrane of the ultra clean workbench shall be cleaned regularly. 

When the above method still fails to work, the material can be put into the sterilization solution for air extraction and decompression, so as to help the infiltration of natural bacteria solution and make the disinfection more thorough(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). The commonly used inoculation tools for flower and plant tissue culture include scissors, scalpel, splitting needle, tweezers, alcohol lamp, alcohol cotton, disinfectant and sterile water(thermoform pots).

Before inoculatio(v14 nursery pots)n, the inoculation room should be irradiated with ultraviolet lamp for about 30 minutes, or be used for spray disinfection with Su Shui, so that the inoculation room should be highly sterile(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). During indoor disinfection, pay attention to personal safety and allergic reaction(plug trays canada). It is made of ordinary high-quality cotton without degreasing. It has the advantages of no water absorption and good ventilation.

Then burn scissors and tweezers with alcohol lamp flame, put the sterilized plant materials in the sterilized Petri dish, hold the antidote knife in one hand and the camera in the other hand, and cut the plant materials appropriately(plastic flower pots canada). Always hold the cotton stopper in your hand, and then rotate the tube (bottle) mouth on the lamp flame to fully sterilize(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). These items have been sterilized by high-pressure steam before use.

Generally, take the test tube (or triangular bottle) in your left hand, untie and take away the wrapping paper, marry the outside of the tube (bottle) mouth close to the alcohol lamp flame for a few seconds, and slowly pull out the cotton plug near the lamp flame with the ring finger and little finger of your right hand(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). The sub high efficiency and high efficiency filter membranes cannot be disassembled by themselves(18 inch plant pot).

The basic principle of sterilization is not only to kill the microorganisms attached to the plant materials, but also not to hurt the materials.It can effectively prevent the pollution of bacteria and microorganisms, and can be used repeatedly and cheaply(v11 nursery pots). As for the sealing material of culture container, cotton stopper is the earliest used sealing material and continues to this day(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). It is still widely used in plant tissue culture(plug flats).

It is a very complicated culture process to culture some cells, tissues and organs of plants on a culture medium in vitro to make them differentiate and proliferate to produce complete plantlets. This is an important factor for plant tissues to differentiate, emerge and proliferate quickly(6 inch nursery pots). Put the seeded test tube (or triangular bottle) on the medical small platform vehicle, and then send it to the culture room(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro).

Therefore(plastic planters canada), in recent years, many companies have used high-temperature and high-pressure plastic culture bottles (with lids), or glass bottles with high-temperature plastic caps, or high-temperature plastic film wrapping and sealing, and aluminum boxes are also used for hand pressure forming sealing(v16 nursery pots), and rotating Closed canned bottle and iron lid(depending on the smoothness of the surface of plant materials)(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro).

Before vaccination, the ultra-clean workbench should be turned on for more than 10 minutes in advance(14 inch plastic plant pots), wipe the work surface and fingers carefully with alcohol cotton (70% concentration), put on sterilized work clothes and hats, and wear masks(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). When the external humidity is high, some tampon pollution is easy to occur, the moisture of the culture medium escapes faster when the humidity is small, and shading. 

After sterilization, it should be repeatedly rinsed with sterile water several times(heavy duty plastic plant pots); bleaching powder is an effective bactericide, but it should be kept away from light and dry; 70% alcohol has stronger bactericidal ability and wearability than other concentrations of alcohol(2.5 inch succulent pot), And has a wet hole effect, which can remove the air in the surface tissue of the culture material, which is conducive to the infiltration of other sterilants(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro).

According to many years of practical experience and a large number of literature reports, among the successful test-tube propagation of flower plants(4 inch square nursery pots), MS is the most basic medium(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). Wash the above items and dry them, put them in a kraft paper bag, sterilize them at a pressure of 1.2 kgcm and a high temperature of 122°C for 20 to 30 minutes, then take them out and place them in the inoculation room for later use(plastic pots that look like terracotta).

There are many factors and conditions that restrict the process of morphogenesis. can be washed with fat pen, washing powder or Tween, etc(plastic plant pots ireland). In this single-factor experiment, the amount of BA remains unchanged, and attention should be paid to observe the effect of NAA on the culture(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). In the first set of experiments, the hypothesis 1-2 is better(2.5 inch plant pots); in the second set of experiments, the hypothesis 2-3 is better.

It can be tried first in the general test-tube rapid propagation of flowers and plants(3x6 grow tray). If it is found to be adversely affected or not ideal, if the basic medium is to be improved, it is best to try to reduce the concentration of the MS medium first. If the problem is still not solved, you can Choose other mediums that are significantly different from MS medium in formula, such as B, White, Ntsch, N. Medium, etc(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro).

The disadvantage is that it is more labor-intensive to make and use(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale montenegro). The organic components in the medium vary the most, and it does not have to be limited to the requirements of a certain formula(5 inch plastic pots). When encountering plant materials that are difficult to differentiate, it is often to increase the multipleness of the medium, and constantly add promising nutrients or physiologically active substances(v15 nursery pots). 

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