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It is very complicated to adopt the methods of soil cultivation, tile pot covering, pit softening, greenhouse hotbed shading and shed shading(200 cell plug trays supplier). Leek can be sown in spring and summer in North China, and it is most suitable in April to May. In the first and middle of October, when the seedlings grow to about 20 cm, they start transplanting seedlings(plastic seedling trays). There are two methods of seed propagation and branch propagation of leek.

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The seed germination of leek is slow and seedling emergence is difficult(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). The seedbed should be flat, the soil should be fine and the fertilization should be even. In spring sowing, the air temperature is still low, and the seeds germinate slowly. Before sowing, the seeds should not be planted(plug flats wholesale). Soak the seeds for 2-3 days, knead and wash them, and then put them in the environment of left I at 20 ℃ to speed up germination.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale saudi arabia)

After 2-3 days, most of the seeds can be seeded when they are slightly budding(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). The seeded quantity of each commercial seedbed of leek is about 3-4kg, which can be unearthed about 10 days after sowing. The management of leek seedling mainly includes cultivation, weeding, irrigation, fertilization and drainage(16.5cm plastic grow pots). When the temperature is high, it should be ventilated and cooled down, and attention should be paid to the control of temperature.

In seedling stage, the leaves are thin and easy to grow weeds, which need to be removed as early as possible when the weeds are first born(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). When the seedlings are about to be unearthed, they can be hoed once; after emergence, they should be weeded continuously. When the height of the seedling is 10-15 cm(plastic succulent pots). Yellow bud leek, also known as leek yellow, is grown by softening the nutrients stored in its bulb plate under dark conditions.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale saudi arabia)In this paper, a simple method of producing leek is introduced(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). In the past, the production of leek should not exceed 3 times on the same plot of land, so as to restore the production capacity of leek root. In order to help the seedlings to be unearthed, it is necessary to water them 3-4 times(15cm plastic grow pots); after emergence, leek is a perennial vegetable with perennial roots, the soil should be kept moist, it can be topdressing 1-2 times.

The specific method is: after the leek harvest, remove the Javan sundries, apply fertilizer and water appropriately, use bamboo pieces to form an arched skeleton, the highest part is about 50 cm from the ground, with unlimited width(200 cell seed trays wholesale). Take the film to cover the leek strictly, cover the grass mat first on the shelf, then cover the black film, cover the two ends with the grass mat, strengthen management, and open the shed for harvest in about 20 days(nursery pots canada).

Generally, the following four links should be grasped(200 cell seedling trays wholesale): which has strong adaptability to temperature, but the most suitable temperature for growth is 18 ~ 20 ℃ supercooling, overheating, slow growth, poor quality, cold and heat resistance of leek due to tissue softening, if the temperature difference between day and night is large, the leaf tip will become dry(16cm plastic grow pots). When the temperature is low, it should be Keep warm, but avoid sunlight.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale saudi arabia)

The leek root is small and shallow, and the soil humidity is required to be high(32 cell seedling trays wholesale), but the leek leaves are narrow and waxy, and the evaporation water is small, so it is not required to irrigate a lot of water, just water once before the canopy. The production of leek needs to cultivate strong leek roots, but to ensure that leek roots do not decline, continuous production(1.5 gallon plant pot), but also in front of the appropriate application of nitrogen fertilizer.

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