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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Supplier Ireland

According to the different growth of cotton, the foliar fertilizer is applied well, and it is no longer afraid of the invasion of pests and diseases(plug trays wholesale). Using 1%-2% calcium perphosphate leaching solution as foliar spray fertilizer can change oxalic acid into calcium oxalate and lose the attraction to cotton bollworm(seed starter trays). Spraying boron fertilizer in the cotton bud stage, early flowering stage, flowering and bolling stage, spraying with 0.2% borax (or 0.1% boric acid) solution.

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During the bud period, 15-20 kg per acre is sprayed, 35-40 kg is sprayed at the initial flowering stage(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), and 50-60 kg is sprayed during the flowering and ringing period, which can effectively prevent the buds from falling off, promote multi-ringing and knotting large bells, and increase the yield(nursery plant pots). When cotton aphids (especially Fuxi) occur, urea, washing powder and water are mixed in a ratio of 4:1:400 per acre to prepare a "salt mixture" spray, which has obvious killing. Insect effect.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale supplier ireland)

 Spraying in the flowering and ringing period can prevent bell disease and reduce rotten bells(propagation tray). 1 part of copper sulphate, 1 part of lime, 200 parts of water, prepared into an equal amount of Bordeaux mixture, sprayed at the seedling stage of cotton, can control cotton seedling diseases. Use 10 kg of plant ash, 50 kg of water, soak for 24 hours, filter, take the filtrate spray, can effectively kill the mites on cotton(greenhouse supplies pots). The ramets are as follows: There are many friends who love Wenzhu, and each seedling can be divided into 2-3 strains.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale supplier ireland)Generally, potassium fertilizer is mainly used, and compound fertilizer with low nitrogen content is applied, and it is applied from mid-July to mid-August(black plastic plant pots). To meet the needs of crop growth and development, but also to control a variety of pests and diseases. Nitrogen fertilizer can be used to treat aphids(plastic grow pots). The compound fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer with low nitrogen content were mainly applied, and most of the new shoots were applied at the end of May.

For every 1000 kg of flue-cured tobacco leaves, nitrogen (N) 22 kg, phosphorus (P2O5) 11.6 kg, and potassium (K2O) 48 kg are required(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is about 1:0.5:2. The seedbed has a total of 1500 kg of pig manure(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Nitrogen fertilizer is the main source, phosphorus and potassium are supplemented, and appropriate amounts of micro-fertilizers such as boron and zinc are applied, and they are applied about 10 days before the spring germination.

Mainly based on farmyard manure, combined with a small amount of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer(square nursery pots), applied in late September to October (nitrogen fertilizer must be applied in time after fruit picking, so as not to affect fruit coloration). Each time the fertilization is combined with a suitable amount of water, the amount of fertilizer applied and the type of fertilization are adjusted according to the nutritional status of the tree at that time(seedling trays wholesale), the strength of the tree, and the ability of the soil to be fertilized.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale supplier ireland)

Approximate rational fertilization is the key to high yield of apples(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale)! Soil is the basis for crops to survive. Most of the nutrients needed for many crops are obtained from soil. However, in recent years, the irrationality of soil cultivation, the unscientific fertilization, and the environment The seriousness of the damage has led to a decline in soil fertility and a lower and lower agricultural production(200 cell seed starter trays). In the cotton bud period, 50-75 kg of 50 ppm chlormequat solution is sprayed on the cotton field with verticillium wilt.

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