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Henan is China's largest flue-cured tobacco production area(plastic plant trays wholesale), and its output accounts for 1/3 of the country's total output, so Shandong flue-cured tobacco is mainly distributed along the railway, which will reduce the yield and quality, and the quality of the flue-cured tobacco in the five provinces of Yunnan is the best(seed starting trays wholesale). So, how should we grow tobacco? The first is the choice of cultivation method.

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The best are gramineous crops, rape and beans(propagation tray). Some tobacco areas in the southern part of the country implement wheat-tobacco intercropping, and proper rotation is a measure to ensure the yield and quality of tobacco leaves. Tobacco is widely distributed in China(heavy duty gallon pot). Henan, Shandong, Yunnan, Gansu, and Hunan are important flue-cured tobacco producing areas in China. Varieties with large stem and leaf angles and long growth periods. 

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers costa rica)Rotate once every 2 to 4 years(plug trays). Rotation methods vary depending on climate, soil, and crop development period. The important forms of paddy field rotation are: flue-cured tobacco-rape or wheat-rice-broad bean or wheat; tobacco-late rice-green manure or Youlai-early rice-late rice-green manure-early rice-late rice-green manure or rape(heavy duty plant pots). Important multiple planting methods include tobacco rice, tobacco potatoes, tobacco beans and so on.

Among them, strong seedlings must be transplanted(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), and the important forms of dry land rotation are: flue-cured tobacco-wheat or green manure-corn (soybean) -rape or barley; Tobacco-peanut-late rice; winter tobacco-broad bean-early rice(cell seed trays). For example, the application of chlorinated fertilizers in rice fields can reduce the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide to rice roots, and the effect is often better than sulfur-containing fertilizers.

For example, to make full use of the development season, the symbiosis period is about 20 days(gallon nursery pots). After the wheat is harvested and strengthened in real time, it will not affect the yield and quality of tobacco leaves. Continuous cropping will make tobacco nutrients deficient and dysregulated(nursery plant pots), and susceptible to diseases and insects, and in areas with rain or irrigation conditions, chlorinated fertilizers can be applied to the base fertilizer.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers costa rica)

In recent years, in some tobacco growing areas in Guangdong, in the late stage of spring tobacco harvesting and roasting, interplanting sweet corn in tobacco fields was used to improve land utilization(gallon plant pot). However, in tobacco areas with insufficient land resources and inconvenient rotation, we can also use banded cropping, such as 8 rows of corn and 8 rows of tobacco(black plastic plant pots), 8 rows of wheat and 8 rows of tobacco, and 8 rows of rape and 8 rows of tobacco.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers costa rica)Due to the short development season, repeated application of basic fertilizer and early application of top-dressing fertilizer(seed starting trays), the development of the double-planted tobacco is neat and consistent, without de-fertilization and early decay in the later stage, and the layers fall yellow, and the tobacco plant is cylindrical(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). When mature, it is roughly in the shape of a waist drum or tower, layered and yellow, and the maturity is consistent.

Medium-tolerance crops include corn, peanuts, beans, tomatoes, eggplant, sugar cane, celery, Chinese cabbage, small rapeseed, strawberries, and cauliflower(square grow pots). Contains chlorinated fertilizer. Whether or not chlorinated fertilizers can be applied depends on the local rainwater and irrigation conditions(large plastic terracotta pots). For example, in arid regions and areas where soil salinization is more common, chlorinated fertilizers should generally be applied less or not.

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