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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Germany

In addition to good management of water and fertilizer, pest control, pruning, etc.(heavy duty plug trays), the northern flowers and trees need to be warm and frost-proof in winter. Perennial roots and bulbous flowers that are not cold-tolerant should be dug up and collected to ensure that the flowers and trees can survive the winter safely(starter pots). The shrubs that are not cold-tolerant can be buried, cultivated, or built with wind barriers.

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Yellow soil: For trees that are not cold-tolerant, whiten trunks, grasses, and root-neck soil can be used(72 cell flats). Flowers that usually bloom in winter and spring Such as cyclamen, crab claw, daffodils, camellia, poinsettia, and flowers that like strong light and high temperature, such as Milan, jasmine, gardenia, white orchid, etc.(nursery plant pots for sale), should be placed on the windowsill or in a sunny place(such as cacti, etc.).

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers germany)Flowers that love sunlight but are resistant to low temperature or are in a dormant state(50 cell tray), such as asparagus, osmanthus, kumquat, and cacti, can be placed in places where there is scattered light, and other flowers that are more cold-resistant but have fallen leaves or generally require light, such as pomegranates, clips Bamboo peaches, roses, etc.(cheap square plant pots), can be placed in a cool place under the sun.

The necessary conditions should be created in terms of air humidity and ventilation to facilitate the normal growth or dormancy of flowers(72 cell plug flats). The soil used for potted flowers requires looseness, fertility, good drainage and aeration, and is rich in humus. In Beijing, most of the plants and trees are moved indoors before the cold dew (early October)(10 gallon plastic pots). Such as hibiscus, poinsettia, calla lily, cyclamen, monstera and so on.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers germany)

Here are some common methods for preparing potting soil(herb plug trays): Leaf soil: collect fallen leaves in autumn, pile them into the pit, and pour some human dung Urine or the waste water for washing fish meat is tightly covered with mud and can be dug out for use after fully re-cooked for more than half a year(20 gallon plant pot). This kind of soil is not only loose in structure, but also slightly acidic, suitable for the needs of most flowers and trees.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers germany)Succulent plants should stop fertilizing and water less, and basically keep the pot soil dry throughout the winter, or water about once a month(32 cell tray). In places close to the effective area, you can use the holiday to dig and transport vegetable garden soil in the suburbs for backup(large plastic terracotta plant pots). Ordinary mountain loess, also called mountain mud, with a pH of about 5.5, suitable for the needs of flowers in acid-loving soil.

scorched marl: collect litter or garden soil, pile up one layer of fallen leaves and one layer of soil(288 cell tray), cover with mud, then burn and simmer slowly, sieving and using, it contains more potassium substances. Laiyuan soil: For flower growers living in cities and towns, it is more difficult to dig the soil nearby(trade gallon pot). You can obtain materials on the spot and prepare them yourself. Moving indoors too late is vulnerable to frost.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers germany)

Sugar ash: The ash from the burning of rice husks is neutral or slightly alkaline(v13 nursery pots), mixed into the soil, loose and aerated, and has good drainage performance. Bone meal: It is calcined from broken bones or hoof horns of livestock and poultry, and millet. It can also be used after being immersed in rot and fermentation(small black plant pots). In addition, the indoor temperature should be adjusted appropriately according to different flowers.

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