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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

If the above-mentioned fertilizers are mixed and applied(heavy duty gallon pot), after 10-15 days apart, then apply 3-5 kg of dry and pure plant ash and human, animal and poultry manure to make rotted manure, 0.5-1 kg of Yicai compound biological bacterial fertilizer. Spread the fertilizer evenly on the soil around the roots of the banana plant, and then put on a layer of decomposed garbage manure(nursery plant pots), pond mud, about 3-5 cm thick, covering all the fertilizer. can.

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Before transplanting, apply rake surface fertilizer and rake flat surface(flat plastic tray). Fertilization of 2,000-2500 kg per acre of cooked manure and 50 kg of quicklime, if the organic fertilizer is chicken manure or rapeseed cake fertilizer with higher fertility, but it must be completely rotted and irrigated with water and deep cultivation of more than 20 cm(seed propagation trays). When the conductance is restored to the original value of the irrigation water, the fertilization has been completed.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers mexico)The nitrogen element of urea loses fast and evaporates quickly, so the utilization rate is low, and the utilization rate is only 20-30%(propagation tray). For example, nitrogen fertilizer has a certain promotion effect on the synthesis and accumulation of alkaloids, but it has an inhibitory effect on other components such as green pump acid and flavonoids(large plastic terracotta pots). 7-10 days before transplanting, for each run, the irrigation must be stopped after the fertilization is completed.

The urea ammonium reacts with the high tower melt granulation fertilizer(plug trays), and adds medium-sized elements such as sulfur, magnesium, calcium, shed and slow-release agents, the loss is small, and it is not easy to volatilize, so it has a fast-acting and long-acting effect, greatly improving To improve the utilization rate of fertilizers(plastic cell trays supplier), the utilization rate is over 85%. (So urea ammonium can top 120 kg of urea fertilizer effect.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers mexico)

Whether the fertilization is completed can be determined by the color change of the special fertilizer for drip irrigation(gallon nursery pots), or by the conductance of the water sample from the dripper. In the process of irrigation and fertilization, if the water supply is found to be interrupted, in order to prevent the backward flow of the fertilizer-containing solution(seed starter trays), the valve on the inlet pipe of the fertilization tank should be closed as soon as possible.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers mexico)Formula fertilization must be carried out on the premise of fully understanding the nutritional characteristics of medicinal plants, soil fertility status and supply performance(gallon plant pot), climatic conditions and cultivation techniques, rationally planning the number and methods of base fertilizer, seed fertilizer, top dressing, fired soil or other soil fertilizer(plastic potting pots), and gradually forming a reasonable and suitable for local production conditions Fertilization system.

Apply foot base fertilizer(cell trays). The synthesis and accumulation of different active ingredients in different medicinal plants have different rules, and the effects of different fertilizers on them are also different. 100 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 30 kg of superphosphate and 10 kg of potassium sulfate are applied per mu(black plastic plant pots), 1 kg of borax is added in the boron-deficient area, and 1 kg of zinc sulfate is added in the zinc-deficient area.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers mexico)

It is necessary to consider the synthesis and accumulation rules of different active ingredients(square nursery pots), the type, quantity and application period of fertilizers applied, and the principle of increasing or ensuring a certain content of active ingredients should be taken as the principle(seed starting trays wholesale). In addition, it will be reduced to 300-400 kg, we should pay attention to formula fertilization according to the effect on the synthesis and accumulation of active ingredients.

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