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The culture media used for embryo culture mainly include the following substances: inorganic salts include a large number of elements and trace elements, which are necessary for embryo culture(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). It has been reported that vitamin B. and biotin play an important role in embryo growth(11 cm plant pots). On the one hand, it serves as a carbon source, on the other hand, it plays a role in regulating osmotic pressure.

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Vitamins are not necessary for Germinated embryos, but essential for young embryos(50 cell seed trays). When there is city hair or wax on the epidermis of some fruits or seeds, which affects the disinfection effect, it can be disinfected with 70% alcohol for about 10 seconds before disinfection(12.5 cm plant pots), so as to shrink the surface appendages, which helps that the disinfectant can be immersed in all parts of the epidermis and disinfect them thoroughly(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia).

It is reported that yeast extract can promote the growth of immature embryos, which is due to the fact that yeast extract contains a variety of vitamins(plastic ground cover for weed control). Clamp the sterilized naked embryo with tweezers and put it into the pre-prepared medium(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). Amino acids adding organic nitrogen compounds such as amino acids to the culture medium can significantly change the growth of immature embryos. 

When the pH value is too low, a large number of aluminum, iron and magnesium compounds will be released, which will inhibit the development of root system(112 cell plug trays). The more times, the more serious the disease is. The isolated embryos were inoculated on the culture medium immediately(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). As the frequency of low temperature and high humidity increases, scab disease occurs under aseptic conditions. 

The occurrence of cucumber grey requirement disease is related to the occurrence times of low temperature period in the facility (the daily average temperature in the facility is below 15 ℃)(cheap plastic hanging baskets). Generally speaking, low concentration of auxin can promote the growth of immature embryos, while high concentration can inhibit it, and the response of embryos in different plants and different development stages to auxin is different(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia).

Commonly used vitamins include ketamine, pyridoxine, Chua acid, inositol, biotin, etc(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). The time required for flowers from pollination to fruit ripening varies greatly among different species. Immature embryo culture was used for cryopreservation(128 cell plug flats). The main factors affecting the mineral nutrient absorption of cucumber are soil temperature, soil moisture content, soil pH, soil filling solution concentration and so on(105 cell plug flats).

Note that when the pH value is high, the soil is alkaline, which is easy to precipitate iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, steel and nitrate, and the root system is not easy to absorb(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). Slightly acidic soil filling is more suitable for the growth of cucumber(fabric smart pots). In the greenhouse cultivation of Cucumber in winter and spring in North China, low temperature diseases such as scab and gray mold occur seriously due to low temperature.

Higher temperature is required for root nutrient absorption, and the ground temperature is 25 ~ 32 ℃ when nutrient absorption is the fastest, and the absorption cannot be carried out normally below 10 ℃. The door medicine is born in the 6th to 7th nodes(heavy duty 1020 trays). Theoretically, extracts from other plants can also promote the culture of immature embryos, such as tomato juice, potato tuber extract and yeast extract(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). 

Physiological diseases are often formed in the above-ground parts, which are manifested by leaf shrinkage(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). Growth point necrosis or chlorosis of heart leaf(15 cell seed trays). Before and after the winter solstice and during the low humidity and high temperature period from May to July, the vines will fall to about 1.3 meters, and the vines will be raised to 1.7 meters from September to November and February to April(98 cell seed tray).

Premature mulching of the mulching film will affect the normal development of the eggplant root system(12cm plastic plant pots). In winter, water control, fertilizer control, and passive disease prevention will affect the production potential of eggplant in late winter. Prevent the leaves from being burned by too strong light, and the roots will shrink if the light is too weak(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). Tie vines or hang vines, fall vines, and engage in leaves at the right time.

Changyan variety(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). One hand uses tweezers to hold the fruit, the other hand uses a scalpel to cut the fruit, and the seed is taken out with a jar(50 cell propagation trays). But when the concentration is too high, it is toxic to embryos. Studies have shown that if the sterilized material in Jinan is young fruit, the young fruit needs to be clamped into a sterile petri dish with tweezers(21 cell plug trays). Carbohydrate vegetable sugar is the best carbohydrate. 

Soak it in sterile water, let it swell, and then peel off the seed coat to reduce embryo damage(20cm plastic plant pots). But for different plants and embryos at different developmental stages, the effects of various amino acids are different. The growth vigor is medium, and the adult plant is 70 cm high(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). The fruit is a long bulb shape, black and bright and beautiful. causes the seedling root system to develop poorly, and the shoot grows slowly.

The plant height is 70-80 cm, the spread is 60 cm, the whole plant is green, the peel is bluish-green and shiny(32 cell seed tray). The main reason is that the soil temperature in the phase is low during planting, and the roots are damaged during planting, which affects the absorption function of the root system, and the lack of nutrients in the plants results in rigid seedlings(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). Purple eggplants are planted in spring greenhouses.

Greenhouse eggplant is cultivated early in spring, and the variety is wrong(23cm plastic plant pots). Planting late-maturing varieties in the spring trough, the planting density is too high, the fruit swells and the fertilizer is too frequent and excessive in the early stage, the night temperature is too high, and the plant grows wildly(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). The peels of some fruit surfaces are nearly green or yellowish-purple, and the surface of the fruit is purple and white(72 cell propagation tray).

The excess of N and P in the soil forms an antagonistic effect between ions(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). Sunlight affects the absorption of other trace elements, especially the absorption of calcium, boron, and iron ions. Dacheng eggplant is cultivated early in spring, and the temperature is low(v12 plastic pots). After planting, the seedlings do not grow slowly, the leaves become thick, the leaf color becomes darker, and the root system is not vigorous.

Liaoqi No. 1 was bred by Institute of Horticulture, Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Long eggplant varieties(9cm plastic plant pots). The plant is upright, with a height of 0 meters, and the stems and leaves are large and green. The fruit is oblong and has good luster(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers slovakia). The flesh is white, the group is tender, the seeds are few, and the skin is bright green(51 cell plug trays). Early-maturing hybrids bred by Jinan Agricultural Science Research Institute.

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