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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Vietnam

Generally speaking, stacked in layers, this kind of soil is rich in organic matter and has good fertilizer efficiency(plug trays wholesale). It is rich in humus and is often used to cultivate rose, pomegranate and grass flowers with good effects. The bud is at the tip of the oblique mouth and inserted into the cutting matrix with a depth of 2/5 to 1/2 of the cuttings(11cm plastic grow pots). There are a small amount of hydrogen ions (H) and hydroxide ions (OH) in the soil.

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It is good for potted plants such as jasmine and chrysanthemum(gallon plant pot). Peat soil or leaf-fuss soil: It is the soil that leaves or grass has been decomposed for many years. It is characterized by being loose, breathable and acidic. It is suitable for the cultivation of orchids, rhododendrons, camellia(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In short, the requirement of potted soil is ventilation, drainage, and fertility, and it is often made by mixing several kinds of soil.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale vietnam)The soil for planting potted flowers is as follows(propagation tray): Garden soil is the top soil that has been grown for many years of vegetables or crops. Compost soil or cultivation soil: It is made of fallen leaves, grass, garbage, changed pot soil or garden soil, and then filled with human excrement for storage, after a summer or six months of fermentation, rot and sieving(288 cell trays bulk). If the content of these two ions is equal, the soil is neutral.

Choose 1~2 year-old strong and full branches, select the middle section of the cutting position(square grow pots), cut 1~15 cm long branches as cuttings, with 2 or 3 buds, the top buds of the cuttings should be full and intact, and the upper end should be 0.5~1 cm above the bud(black plastic plant pots). Cut into a flat mouth, the lower end is 0.5 to 1 cm below the bud, and cut into an oblique mouth. It takes place from late May to September.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale vietnam)

You must wait until the cut is dry before inserting, otherwise the cut will be prone to rot and difficult to survive(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Soft branches: warm and humid flowers such as fuchsia, geraniums, begonias, etc.; open grass flowers such as bunches of red, dali flowers, beautiful cherry blossoms, etc.; evergreen broad-leaved flowers and trees such as jasmine, rhododendron, smilling, camellia, osmanthus, etc(112 cell trays bulk). Use this method.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale vietnam)When cutting the leaves(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), if there is a petiole, keep the petiole about 3 cm, and cut off part of the thin leaf margin, insert the petiole into the substrate; if there is no petiole, cut with a knife at the intersection of the veins and spread the leaves on the substrate(wholesale greenhouse pots). Make close contact with the substrate, or use bamboo sticks to fix the veins in the substrate, roots can be formed in the veins and grow into new plants.

Leaf cuttings: Four-season begonias, chrysanthemums, stone lotus, tigertail orchids, etc(gallon nursery pots). can be in the veins or middle stalks, and the tigertail orchids are fleshy sword-shaped leaves, which can be cut horizontally into leaf segments of about 5 cm as cuttings, which are inserted directly in the sand(200 cell trays bulk). When cutting cuttings such as poinsettia, geranium, oleander, etc., a large amount of juice will often flow out from the cut.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale vietnam)

Do not turn upside down at all times, as new roots can form at the base to form new plants(plastic plant trays wholesale). Leaf bud cutting: rubber trees, hydrangea, jasmine, hibiscus, etc., when leaf cutting, although the petioles and leaf axils can take root, they cannot germinate, so new plants cannot be formed(162 cell trays bulk). The kind that grows bad roots and adventitious buds, can be propagated by leaf cuttings to grow new plants, and gardenias.

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