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Cheap Plastic Plant Tray In Bulk Greece

During operation, when the photoelectric sensor detects the plug(black plastic plant pots), and simultaneously opens the vacuum generator solenoid valve, a negative pressure is formed inside the suction tube. After a suction time of 0.5 seconds, the cylinder pulls the suction tube that adsorbs the seed back to the seeding position. At this time, the pilot cylinder solenoid valve is reversed, and the cylinder pushes down the lower guide tube fixing plate(square nursery pots), so that the lower guide tube protrudes into the pressed hole, the vacuum generator solenoid valve is closed, and the negative pressure in the suction tube disappears.

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(cheap plastic plant tray in bulk greece)The blowing electromagnetic valve is opened(propagation tray), the adsorbed seed is blown into the guiding tube, and the electromagnetic valve is closed after completion; at the same time, the guiding cylinder pulls the guiding tube back to the original position to complete the seeding of a row of holes. Repeat the above action, continue to perform the next sowing cycle, and not detect the plug, that is, complete the seeding of the whole tray(seed starter trays). Based on the analysis and calculation of the actual load torque, a hybrid stepping motor of the type 86STH118-4208A is selected.

In this design, the stepping motor is used as the power source(plug trays). The speed and stop position of the stepping motor depend only on the frequency and pulse number of the pulse signal, and the number of pulses that can be sent by the controller during the seeding process. It prevents the belt from slipping and guarantees a fixed gear ratio. The use of stepping motor and synchronous belt to transmit power can greatly improve the positioning accuracy of the plug(wholesale greenhouse pots); at the same time, it can effectively reduce the impact and vibration on the plug and the table.

(cheap plastic plant tray in bulk greece)The control system is composed of a touch screen, a photoelectric sensor, a cylinder sensor(gallon plant pot), a programmable controller (PLC), a stepping motor driver, a relay, and the like. For the adsorption of seeds, negative pressure is required. In this case, the blowing function needs to be added, and the two ends of the lower tube fixing plate are connected with the guiding cylinder. So far, more models have been developed, pay attention to the points used for factory seedling tray seedlings(greenhouse supplies pots). The specifications of the disc should be consistent with the automatic finishing line.

The traditional artificial seedling techniques and methods are relatively backward, the efficiency is relatively low(gallon nursery pots), and the labor cost is relatively high, which can no longer adapt to the development of the nursery industry. The agricultural model is gradually shifting to mechanization and precision, and mechanized precision seedling planting has also become a development trend. By combining with agronomy, gradually improving and improving(plastic grow pots), and better adapting to the needs of development, the equipment should have a good application prospect and market potential.

(cheap plastic plant tray in bulk greece)In addition, the synchronous belt is used to transmit power(cell trays), the distance between the conveyor belt and the tray advances to a hole, and the suction cylinder pushes the suction tube to the suction position, and through precise seeding, the emergence rate, survival rate, uniformity, and finally the yield are improved. At this time, the thing we have to do is very simple(flat plastic tray), that is, the plant to be used before planting is slightly wet with water like cement (wet, do not pour the soil into mud), stir evenly, then it can be used normally.

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