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Cheap Plastic Plant Trays Manufacturers Germany

In the future management, water can be indirectly cut off that is, to extend the watering interval, "open cultivation" has the best ventilation effect(flat plastic tray), which is a kind of cultivation method pursued by many flower friends now. The ultraviolet radiation received is more intense, the air circulation is better, and the moisture volatilization is faster(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). Poor ventilation is also easy to breed powdery mildew, especially the succulent plant fire sacrifice.

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Especially in summer, most succulent plants enter the dormancy state because of the heat(propagation tray), so they need to be in a better outdoor ventilation environment to successfully pass the summer dormancy period. When indoor cultivation, more windows should be opened to increase ventilation(large plastic terracotta pots). There are also many typhoons in coastal areas, so special attention should be paid to safety. It is wise to stop watering completely at this time.(cheap plastic plant trays manufacturers germany)

Northern area: very suitable for open cultivation, but the winter temperature is too low, you must move back to the sunlight room or greenhouse(plug trays). Northern coastal areas: the wind is relatively strong, even if not exposed, ventilation effect is also very good. The most common insects, such as mold and xiaoheifei (the exact name is unknown, this is what I call it), are caused by long-term closed state and poor air circulation(black plastic plant pots), and a large area will grow rapidly.

(cheap plastic plant trays manufacturers germany)In addition, some environmental changes should be avoided, such as the hot sun and sunny days after heavy rain(gallon nursery pots). Such weather is the ultimate killer of open breeding and meat, which can destroy a large area in an instant. So to put on the canopy and sunscreen, the best is active, do not need to open(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). However, due to the limitations of region, temperature, weather and other conditions, it depends on the specific situation.

If the water is poured continuously, not only can the plants not absorb it, but also the water can't volatilize when the temperature is too low(gallon plant pot). It will freeze together with the soil, causing more serious frostbite to the root system of the plant and damaging the absorption and recovery function of the plant. Of course, some fleshy plants are more resistant to freezing(18 cell propagation trays wholesale), especially Sedum and perennial grasses, which can resist - 15 ℃ at least.

Most fleshy Sedum, such as Stephania tenuifolia, Sedum sarmentosum, etc.(square nursery pots), are very common in China, and are often used for landscaping. If the temperature is too low in winter, the parts with leaves on the surface will die. In the next spring, new shoots will be sent out from the underground rhizomes(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). The evergreen grass belongs to alpine plants. The temperature on the mountain is very low at night, so it is also very cold resistant.(cheap plastic plant trays manufacturers germany)

Other cold hardy plants include the Genus Lycoris, whose thick fleshy leaves can withstand short-term low temperature(plastic grow pots). But the premise is that the root system and the main body are very strong. In winter, when the temperature is low, people will move the meat back indoors. Most of the houses in northern areas have heating, and the temperature is basically above 20 ℃. Therefore, meat will always grow(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). At this time, people often worry more.

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