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When using drip irrigation to topdress chemical fertilizers, first dissolve and filter the chemical fertilizers, and then put them into the pipe to force the fertilizer with water(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). Method: Prepare a bucket with a height of 50 cm or more, and put the fertilizer water into the bucket(v9 plastic pots). Knot the power supply wires of the electric heating wire among the people who hang the wire column and fix it on the wire hanging column.

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Generally, 3~4 parallel pipes are arranged on the north wall of the greenhouse, from one end of the greenhouse to the other. Install a water outlet valve under the bucket, connect it to the water inlet pipe, and open the valve to achieve the purpose of dressing fertilizer with the water(128 cell plug trays). Care must be taken to prevent frost damage in production(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). Generally, the thickness of the shed film covered in the open field is about 0.05 mm. 

To prevent the hose from clogging, install a filter screen of 80 to 200 days in the main water inlet pipe and clean it regularly(v13 plastic pots). If a hose is found to be blocked, unblock it in time, and repair it in time if there is a leak. The production effect is generally inferior to the greenhouse, because the space is small and the heat capacity is small(32 cell plug tray); the side row negative effect (low temperature) is larger than that of the greenhouse(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). Generally, mulch film is not suitable.

The arched shed with a span of more than 6 meters is called a large shed(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). Compared with medium and small sheds, the large shed has a larger span, higher arch, and convenient operation, which is conducive to the cultivation of tall vegetables. The hose has a pair of 0.07 mm drip holes every 25 to 35 cm(32 cell seedling tray). It is generally cultivated with high heads, and the slope of the wow noodles is 0.1%, which is good for irrigation.

The greenhouses are more vulnerable to wind and snow(12.5 cm plant pots). The north side of the east-west arch canopy has poor light, and the plant growth is generally not as good as that on the south side(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). The production cost of greenhouse is lower than that of greenhouse, the benefit of vegetable planting is not lower than that of greenhouse, and the land utilization rate is high(10cm plastic plant pots). The old shed film used in large and medium sheds can also be used. 

If the temperature is already high, the wind should be slowly released from the leeward direction(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). The arch materials include bamboo slices, bamboo poles, purple stalks, steel bars, stalks, etc(50 cell plug trays). In the open shed, the arch material must have a certain strength; in the greenhouse and the small shed in the large and medium corrugated, the arch material only needs to be It can be bent into an arch and inserted into the soil. 

The tube is coated with matt black paint to absorb heat(105 cell seed starting trays). The expensive heating cost in winter will cause serious losses. Some units in China have paid a heavy price for this. The suitable angle of the improved ground window of the glass greenhouse is 35 ° ~ 53 °, and the skylight is 15 ° ~ 25 °(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria); Vertical window type is greater than or equal to 2(200 cell plug trays); Three fold floor window 42 ° ~ 53 °, waist window 20 ° ~ 26 °, top window 10 ° ~ 15 °. 

If the fertilizer water flows slowly, the bucket can be raised higher(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). The electric heating wire is not allowed to be knotted. In the production, the leaves of the seedlings or plants will be damaged due to the rapid release of the wind, and the leaf edges will turn white, resulting in frequent necrosis(105 cell plug flats). Columnless greenhouses and middle sheds can be hung in the shed, surrounded by curtains for cold protection, and made of plastic film. 

Therefore(v14 plastic pots), greenhouse and greenhouse can be used for vegetable production in northern family vegetable gardens at the same time(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). The small shed has a small space, and the minimum temperature is only 1℃ higher than the outside of the shed. This is true whether it is in the open field or in the greenhouse and large and medium sheds(162 cell plug tray). It is suitable for cultivating vegetables with taller plants, such as cucumbers and kidney beans. 

It is higher than the arch of the small shed, it is more convenient for people to work in the shed, and the temperature change is not as intense as that of the small shed(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). Generally, the arch shed with a span of 3 to 6 meters is called the middle shed, which is the middle type of the large shed and the small shed(288 cell plug tray). A greenhouse with brick walls and only a row of columns (middle columns); Most of the greenhouses are built with bricks and stones or with ends on the top. 

The minimum temperature in the greenhouse is 3-3.5C higher than that in the open field. It is safer to plant when the local temperature is stable above 3(98 cell seed tray). For example, in Liaoning, it is generally safer to plant Guolai in mid-April(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). At the same time, due to large space, high heat capacity and stable temperature change compared with medium and small sheds, it is conducive to the growth and development of vegetables.

When building greenhouses in windy areas, we must pay attention to wind and snow prevention(72 cell plug trays). In actual production, if we do not pay attention to wind and snow prevention, the wind often blows the shed film to the sky and the snow presses the arch frame across, which seriously affects the production(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). The thickness of shed film should generally be more than 0.1mm, and too thin shed film should not be used(72 cell plug flats). 

According to the wall and thermal insulation materials, it can be divided into the following three cases(200 cell seed trays): build a 37 cm or 24 cm thick wall with bricks, and then build thick soil on the north side of the wall to enhance the overflow protection performance. Like the shed film, it can be bonded with an iron, or old shed film or non-woven fabric can be used(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). is very suitable for home gardens, especially for producing vegetables next to the house. 

The arches of the greenhouse include bamboo wood structure, reinforced concrete and bamboo wood mixed structure, steel welding, galvanized thin-walled steel pipe assembly, etc., and their cost increases in turn(72 cell propagation tray). The bamboo wood structure has the advantages of low cost and low production cost(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). The grade of greenhouses should be selected according to local conditions, so as to strive for the maximum benefit.

The direction of the greenhouse is most suitable for the north-south direction(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). Planting 30 ~ 40 days earlier than the open field, about 40 days in the morning, the output is about 1 time higher and the output value is several times higher(seedling tray 104 holes). At present, there is a large circulation of vegetables in China, and the seasonal price difference has become significantly smaller than before, so it is particularly important to improve the yield. 

Generally, considering the construction cost, operation party, reasonable lighting and other factors, it is appropriate to be 5.5 ~ 7.5m, which should correspond to the height of the greenhouse(128 cell seed trays). In windy areas, it is best to use PVC film more than 0.1mm. In the northern cold regions, it is generally not suitable to use large modern greenhouses for commercial vegetable production(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). There are more than two rows of columns in the room.

It can be opened in the daytime(cheap plastic planters wholesale suppliers nigeria). The use of non-woven fabric can reduce the humidity in the shed, which is conducive to the prevention of diseases, but the cost is high(50 deep cell plug trays). For vegetable farmers who are mainly vegetable producers, the scientific and advanced nature of the greenhouse should be emphasized and ten ways should be avoided(162 cell seed starting trays). The thicker the north wall, the better the thermal insulation performance, but the cost increases. 

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