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Cheap Plastic Planting Flats Manufacturers Mexico

In order to reduce the backlog of sprouts, a small hole should be inserted in the middle of the bag with chopsticks(plastic grow pots). The hole should be a little longer than the root of the seedling. If the root system penetrates the container easily, if it is directly placed in the seedling ground, the root will penetrate out of the container and grow directly into the soil, which is not easy to form a developed root cluster(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). In principle, one seed per hole should be sown in the container. 

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After bud transplanting, water should be poured immediately to ensure close contact between roots and soil(square nursery pots). Irrigation is a key link to the success of container seedling cultivation. Spray irrigation is the main way to mix container seedlings. It is necessary to select the provenance areas with good genetic quality, and the seed quality must be above the second level specified by the state, and the seed must be selected and tested(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the time is too short, the water can not be fully immersed in the container.

(cheap plastic planting flats manufacturers mexico)It is better to keep the seedbed moist in the seedling stage: in the early dry area(cell trays), the amount of irrigation should be enough to promote the lateral root growth of seedlings; in the fast-growing and dormancy stage, the water should be controlled to promote the full lignification of seedlings, improve the early tolerance, inhibit the high growth and promote the diameter growth(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the hole is too shallow and pressed down hard, it will cause the root to break and die.

In the late stage of fast-growing, the amount of irrigation should be properly controlled(gallon plant pot), which can have a certain alternate process of dry and wet, which can promote the multiple lateral roots of seedlings, and promote the diameter growth: in the dormancy period, the seedbed should not be too wet to prevent freezing damage(seed starter trays), and when the seedling does not like light or the temperature is high, it can be properly covered before the seedling.(cheap plastic planting flats manufacturers mexico)

After sowing or transplanting directly in a carbon mixing container(gallon nursery pots), spray water twice in about 30 minutes, once to moisten the soil, another time to moisten the container wall, and then spray when the container wall is 70-80% dry. It is not easy to spray water too fast, otherwise water will be lost from the surface, and it is not easy to fully immerse the bottom of the container(nursery plant pots). The water of the sprinkler is too big, so it is easy to spilt the soil in the container.

(cheap plastic planting flats manufacturers mexico)Cover the plastic film(propagation tray). If the water drops are too large, it will splash the nutrient soil in the container, so spray it directly with a fine spray. Do not rush to spray water in a short time. We need to use fine sprinkler or small droplets sprayer to strengthen the water management in seedling stage, and keep the container matrix moist at seedling stage(greenhouse supplies pots). In order to improve the preservation rate, 2-5 seeds can also be sown in the center of the container.

The frequency of water spraying is greatly affected by weather, rainfall, rainfall distribution and temperature(plug trays). In case of early drying, spray 1-3 times a day. When it is wet, spray once every 4-5d, before 9:00 in the morning and after 16:00 in the afternoon. Avoid watering when the temperature is the highest at noon(black plastic plant pots). The container seedling not only needs a lot of N, P, K fertilizer, but also needs supplement Fe.Ca.Mo , B. Zn and other trace elements.

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