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If the flowerpot to be potted is a new pottery pot, it should be soaked in water first(cheapest 2 gallon pots). Otherwise, the water will be impervious and the water will be absorbed by the basin. If it is an old basin, clean it. Before putting on the basin, put a piece of nylon net on the drain hole of the basin bottom(gallon pot). Flower seedlings are best to bring some soil masses, which will help the flower seedlings to pass the slow seedling period smoothly.

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Then cover the drain hole with broken tiles, add coarse-grained culture soil as the subsoil, place the flower seedling in the center, and make the flower seedling stand upright(2 gallon plant container wholesale). The final filling should be 2~3cm away from the pot mouth, and the large pot should be 4~6cm away from the pot mouth, so as to facilitate watering. Wait until 2~3cm of the surface of the pot soil has dried out, and then water when it is slightly moist(seed starting trays). To prevent insects from entering from here and harming the flower seedlings.

(cheap plastic planting pots factory saudi arabia)At this time, pay attention to spread the roots of the flower seedlings evenly on the soil, not to clump together(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). After filling the soil, press the soil a little harder. The nutrient solution is carefully formulated according to the specific needs of flower growth and development, which is very conducive to the rapid growth of flowers and greatly shortens the flower production cycle(square grow pots). For example, a sun plant uses a large flower pot, which is very inconvenient to carry.

The first watering must be watered thoroughly until water flows out from the drain hole in the bottom of the basin(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Do not water continuously, because the new soil has good water retention, too much watering can easily rot the roots. Evergreen flowers are better to change pots during the rainy season. Suitable for the growth of flowers(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The most suitable time to change pots should be early spring or autumn when the weather is relatively warm from April to May.(cheap plastic planting pots factory saudi arabia)

After planting, do not put the flower seedlings in direct sunlight, but in a half shade and half sun(1 gallon plant pots supplier). Daily management only needs to add nutrient solution and constantly add water at the right time, eliminating the trouble of changing pots, weeding, and loosening the soil, saving time and effort. It should be noted that the larger the flowerpot is not the better, and the appropriate flowerpot should be selected according to the size of the flower seedlings(plastic plant trays wholesale). Then fill the surrounding soil with the cultivation soil.

(cheap plastic planting pots factory saudi arabia)Some flowers need to be changed regularly(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). After wait for 2 to 3 weeks, the plant can basically resume growth, then it can be put together with other plants. It is to change the flower from the old pot to the new pot, because as the plants grow, the original pot may have too little space for its continued growth, or the soil in the pot has deteriorated due to long-term fertilization or watering(large plastic terracotta pots). After encountering these situations, it is time to change the pot.

For example, perennial flowers should be changed once a year, and woody flowers should be changed every 2-3 years(2 gallon plant pots supplier). Seen from the soil condition, the soil is hardened and the air permeability becomes poor; it is not easy to penetrate when watering, and it is easy to overflow, which indicates that the soil has deteriorated and should be replaced(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Smaller flower pots can be moved to a sunny place at any time, which is conducive to the growth of plants.

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