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Cheap Plastic Planting Pots Wholesale Price Austria

In order to promote the growth of some calli and organs, many complex natural nutrient mixtures with unknown chemical components are often added to the culture medium(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). For example, hydrolyzed casein (CH), coconut milk (CM), corn endosperm, malt extract (me), tomato juice (TJ), and plate mother extract (Ye), seasonal juice, etc(20 gallon nursery pots). Sugar is indispensable in a variety of medium formulas. 

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Agar itself does not provide any nutrients and is not an essential ingredient in the medium(10 gallon nursery pots). These factors make the growth rate of the culture on the fixed medium significantly lower than that in the liquid medium. In addition, it is calculated that the cost of agar accounts for about 70% of the cost of the medium(2 gallon nursery pots). There are two forms of inorganic nitrogen supply in the culture medium, one is nitrate and the other is ammonium(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria).

Generally, agar is dissolved in hot water at about 95°C and becomes a sol(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). When the temperature drops below 45°C, it solidifies into a solid gel(seedling trays wholesale). The various agars sold in the market contain various impurities, especially calcium, magnesium and other trace elements. Therefore, the agar is top grade with light color, good transparency and cleanness(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, the use of liquid culture medium can greatly reduce the cost of factory production. 

This is because(plastic plant trays): in the round body medium, the contact area between the culture and the medium is small, and the diffusion of various nutrients and hormones in agar is slow, and their diffusion speeds are different, so that the nutrients are absorbed slowly, and the ratio of ingredients occurs Variety(plastic bonsai pots). The concentration of activated carbon is generally 0.5~10gL(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). After adding agar, the liquid medium can become a fixed medium.

After adding activated carbon to the culture medium(plug plant trays), it will turn black, and the activated carbon will easily settle on the bottom of the culture medium(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). From the development trend of rapid propagation, liquid medium will gradually replace fixed medium. If the medium contains only a large amount of and trace inorganic elements, it is often called basic medium(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Its main function is to support the culture, ventilate, and facilitate observation and research.

Inositol is sometimes added to the culture medium(custom plastic pots). In addition, waste products released during the metabolic activity of the culture accumulate on the absorption surface of the culture, affecting and inhibiting the metabolic activity of the culture(8 inch nursery pots). At the same time, agar also contains impurities and so on(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). Therefore, many experts believe that it is still reliable to use compounds with determined composition to replace natural products.

In nature(plastic plant pots nz), growth stimulators are widely distributed in plants, and the content is higher in the young and vigorous parts of the plant(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). There are more than 20 kinds of gibberellins (growth-stimulating hormones). Gibberellins are synthesized in the tender parts of plants, such as sprouts, young leaves, young roots, and developing immature embryos(1 gallon nursery pots). It passes through the xylem and phloem. Transport down or up.

In order to further reduce the production cost of liquid culture, some units used shallow liquid static culture methods to eliminate shakers, rotating beds and other equipment when rapidly propagating test-tube seedlings, which solved the aeration problem(large plastic planters). Rapid promotion, but some plant seedlings still need to use solid medium in the rooting stage(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). Agar is a polysaccharide substance extracted from seaweed, and it is a coagulant(11 inch plastic plant pots).

The main function of activated carbon is to adsorb non-polar substances and pigments and other macromolecules, reducing the influence of some harmful substances(5 gallon nursery pots). When using reactive carbon, it should be noted that the culture temperature has a great influence on the adsorption capacity of activated carbon(grow bags wholesale). The adsorption capacity is weak at high temperature, and the adsorption capacity is strong at low temperature(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria).

There are about 280 commercial tissue culture laboratories in Asian countries and regions, with an annual production of about 90 million test tube seedlings(wholesale plant pots). Among them, thiamine (vitamin B) is an essential component, and others include piroxol (vitamin B), niacin (vitamin B.), calcium pantothenate (vitamin B), diamine (vitamin B:), folic acid (vitamin B), biotin (vitamin H), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), etc(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). 

There are about 50 ~ 60 species with a certain production scale(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). Vitamin compounds in plant cells mainly participate in a number of metabolic activities in the form of various coenzymes, which can promote growth and differentiation. All vitamins can be dissolved in water, with the exception of folic acid(6 inch nursery pots). First dissolve folic acid with a small amount of dilute ammonia and add yandistilled water to fix the volume(7 gallon nursery pots).

In recent years, there are also many reports on the use of banana, peach juice, extracts of groundnut plants, and even natural substances such as ginseng, American ginseng powder and royal jelly(custom plant pot). Generally speaking, it is prepared with the integrant Na · EDTA and feso2 · 7H2O bought from the reagent store, and the resulting solution is integrated iron, so that the test results are not easy to repeat(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). 

Some experts believe that using these complex natural substances with uncertain components(nursery pots canada), due to the influence of many different factors such as their origin, season, climate, plant age and cultivation conditions, the components conducive to growth or differentiation will be different in quality or quantity(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). Ascorbic acid has strong reducing ability and is often used to prevent tissue oxidation and exposure(plastic hanging baskets wholesale).

Inositol plays a role in the mutual transformation of sugars and is the construction material of cell wall(3 gallon nursery pots). Inositol participates in physiological activities such as carbohydrate and phospholipid metabolism and ion balance. The division of iron cells stops, which affects the structural composition of chloroplasts and the formation of chlorophyll, resulting in chlorosis(cheap plastic planting pots wholesale price austria). Boron cell division arrest, cell elongation(10 inch nursery pots).

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