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Cheap Plastic Planting Trays Factory Germany

The optimum temperature for the growth of various flowers is different(105 cell seed starting trays), such as cineraria and cyclamen at 7~13℃, rose and pomegranate at 13~15℃, and peony at 20~25℃. Plants that lack light tend to have poor growth, weak growth, thin and soft leaves, yellow leaf tips, and even long branches(200 cell seed starting trays). Only when a certain temperature difference is ensured, the flowers can develop normally, otherwise the plants will not bloom or grow weakly.

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According to the texture of the leaf surface, the thicker leaf surface leather is mostly shade-tolerant flowers, such as monophyllum, rubber tree, orchid, and clivia(50 cell seed starting trays). At the same time, turn the direction of the flowerpot frequently to prevent the root system of the potted flower placed in the open from passing through the drainage hole. Only when this prerequisite is met can they successfully complete flowering(3.94inch plastic plant pots). The temperature is different in different rooms and different areas of the same room.

(cheap plastic planting trays factory germany)The high temperature during the day is good for photosynthesis of the plants, and the synthesis of nutrients is high(72 cell seedling trays wholesale); the temperature at night is lower than that during the day, which can inhibit respiration, reduce consumption, and facilitate the accumulation of flower photosynthetic products(plastic plant pots wholesale). In order to make the flowers grow evenly and upright during the growth period, and keep the plant shape beautiful and tidy, the direction of the flowerpot should be changed frequently. 

After a flower is damaged by high temperature(105 cell seedling trays wholesale), on the same flower, branches that are fully exposed to light will form more flower buds and will bloom more in the future; branches that receive insufficient light will have fewer flower buds and will bloom less in the future(4.13inch plastic plant pots). While meeting the light requirements, the length of sunshine also has a great influence on flowering, because flowers require a certain length of sunshine for flower bud differentiation.(cheap plastic planting trays factory germany)

In the same room, the temperature of the balcony and windows on the south and west is higher(128 cell seedling trays wholesale), the temperature of windows and balconies on the north and east is lower, and the indoor temperature is the lowest. Common cold-resistant flowers include Yujiao, Dongcao, hollyhock, rose, green peach, lily, hibiscus, lilac, begonia, wisteria, honeysuckle, cypress, etc(succulent plug trays). According to the leaf morphology, most of the needle-shaped coniferous flowers and trees are positive.

(cheap plastic planting trays factory germany)Many physiological mechanisms are abnormal(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), photosynthesis is inhibited, necrotic spots appear on the leaves, chlorophyll is damaged, the color of the leaves turns yellow and brown, and even the plants die. When the flowers are slightly damaged by low temperature, the herbal flowers will appear discoloration, necrosis and spots on the surface(plastic seedling trays); the woody flowers will also appear with buds withered, broken skin, glue flow and fallen leaves.

When flowers are severely damaged by low temperature, the leaves of grass flowers become water-stained and soft, and then fall off, and even the plants die(162 cell seed starting trays); the buds of woody flowers turn black, the petals change color and fall off, and even the branches die or the roots are injured. Generally speaking, the temperature in the upper floors is higher(plug flats wholesale), and the temperature in the lower floors is lower; in summer, the temperature in the west is higher, and the temperature in the east is lower.

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