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Through transplantation, seedlings cut off the main root(50 cell plug trays supplier), promote and increase the growth of lateral roots and fibrous roots, inhibit the high growth of seedlings, and reduce the ratio of stems and roots of seedlings. Such seedlings are high-quality seedlings, and the survival rate of afforestation is also high. Seedling transplanting work is heavy and time-consuming(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In areas where conditions permit, we should pay attention to the development of mechanization.

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For deciduous tree species, the seedlings can be transplanted when the petiole has formed a layer, and the leaves can fall off or can be artificially fell off(105 cell seed starter trays). The transplanted seedlings have a certain plant spacing, which expands the nutrient area of a single plant, and the nutrient distribution is equal, which is conducive to seedling growth(105 cell plug trays supplier), can improve seedling quality and seedling rate, and can also cultivate good dry and crown shapes through transplantation.

(cheap plastic planting trays manufacturers philippines)Cultivating seedlings for afforestation, the time of cultivation after each transplantation varies with the conditions of tree species, climate and soil filling(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The specific time for transplantation of each tree species should be arranged according to the date of germination of the tree species, generally conifers are earlier than national leaves(32 cell plug trays supplier). Generally, tree species are transplanted mainly during the dormant period of seedlings.

Seedling transplantation generally refers to the transplantation of seedlings of one year and more(seed starting trays). In order to promote multiple lateral roots and fibrous roots, cultivate a good dry shape and crown shape, improve the quality of seedlings, and cultivate seedlings more than two years old, generally should be transplanted(200 cell seed starting trays). The transplanting effect is also not ideal. The suitable transplanting age varies depending on the tree species.(cheap plastic planting trays manufacturers philippines)

For evergreen tree species, they can also be transplanted during the rainy season of the growing season, preferably before the rainy season(square grow pots). For example, transplanting in rainy days or when the soil is too wet. The structure is not good for the survival and growth of seedlings(72 cell propagation trays). Spring is a suitable transplantation period for various seedlings, and it is more appropriate to do the thawing in the north before the seedlings do not germinate in the early spring.

(cheap plastic planting trays manufacturers philippines)Autumn transplantation is generally suitable for areas that will not be affected by low temperature in winter and will not suffer from disasters such as freezing and drying in the spring(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The transplantation time should be early in the north. The seedlings used for transplanting are too young and laborious, and the results are not good(32 cell seed starter trays): too large, the roots grow thick and long, and the slow seedling period after transplantation is long.

The two growth types of evergreen trees should be after the diameter growth peak. transplant(plastic plant trays wholesale). Seedlings can be transplanted on valve leaf species with well-developed main roots. Cut off the main root during transplantation to limit the growth of the main root; in the south(200 cell seed starter trays), for the fast-growing tree species according to the tree, when the seedling grows up to 6~10 cm, the transplantation starts, and the transplantation is the same year.(cheap plastic planting trays manufacturers philippines)

The seedling transplant season should be determined according to the local climatic conditions and the biological characteristics of the tree species(large plastic terracotta pots). Because of whether it is a deciduous tree species or an evergreen tree species, the root system has not yet stopped growing at this time, and it is beneficial for the root system to recover the wound after transplantation(gallon pot). In the north, when 2 to 4 (pair) true leaves were born before spring, seedling transplantation started.

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