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Cheap Plastic Planting Trays Wholesale Price Australia

Bottling plants use transparent glass bottles, plastic containers, goldfish tanks(rooting tray), aquarium and other containers to plant short plants for viewing and decorating the interior. After planting, the water should be dripped with a fine rubber tube to make the substrate moist(4 inch plant pots). Water mist should be sprayed to the plants timely to keep them fresh and tender. If the water is too much, it can be sucked out along the bottle wall with absorbent paper.

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All containers should be cleaned and disinfected(v15 nursery pots). The hanging basket is made of metal, plastic, bamboo, wood or rattan, cut into the flowers and plants with hanging performance (such as Chlorophytum, asparagus, evergreen mushroom, etc.), suspended in the window, ceiling or hanging according to the wall and column, the branches and leaves are mother-in-law(1.5 gallon container), the lines are beautiful and changeable, which decorate the space and increase the atmosphere.(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale price australia)

This layout method is the same as the pin inlay type, and has the characteristics of not occupying the indoor floor(nursery tray). According to their ecological habits, a single or similar combination is configured into various landscapes. The general requirement is that the substrate should be loose, well ventilated and well drained, and the fertility should not be too large(plastic flower pots for sale), otherwise the growth will be fast, the branches and leaves will be filled with containers, and the poor value will be lost.

(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale price australia)At present, this method is widely used in many large public places and hotels in China(germination tray price). Rockeries, waterfalls, fountains, corridors and pavilions are introduced into the halls and rooms to create a real mountain and water environment with good results. It is a kind of elegant decoration and increases the fun of life(plastic outdoor plant pots). The management of water and fertilizer should be paid attention to in bottle plant maintenance and management. 

If it is made properly, it can last for several years(72 cell plant tray). It is placed on the shelf, table and bedside. Therefore, the substrate should be disinfected to prevent bacteria and viruses from breeding and spreading in the container. Inlaid in the wall and column suitable for publicity, pin inlay special semi circular basin, bottle, basket, bucket and other chic containers(large plastic garden pots), planted with some unique flower abandoned plants, in order to achieve decorative purposes.

Finally, place the accessories. Special attention should be paid to soil placement and planting in small mouth bottles(heavy duty plug trays). Soil should be placed in layers by funnel, and seedlings with soil should be planted into soil with tweezers in turn, and then transferred to normal management. Bottle plants should pay attention to the following three aspects(small plant pots for succulents): but we should follow the principle of high and low orderly, not selecting blocks from each other.

At the same time, according to plant characteristics, light and ventilation should be adjusted, and pest control and other management work should be strengthened(72 cell flats). According to the requirements of the design composition, the ground should be paved with undulating shape, suitable plants should be planted, and 1 / 3 of the blank area should be set aside(cheap succulent pots), covered with stones of various colors, or covered with water moss and velvet grass.(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale price australia)

The watering time should be controlled flexibly(50 cell tray). As long as there is no evaporation water dew on the bottle wall, the water can be watered. In addition to selecting slow-growing type, bottle plants should control their growth in normal maintenance. Therefore, fertilizer is not applied generally. When yellow branches are thin, compound fertilizer such as huafeibao can be used(plastic plant containers). After dilution, foliar dressing is applied to maintain normal growth.

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