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Cheap Plastic Planting Trays Wholesale Suppliers Indonesia

The suitable groundwater level of sandy soil is 1.5~2.0m, sandy loam soil is 2.5m, light clay loam is 2.5~4.0m, and clay is more than 4m(lavender plug trays). Tree species suitable for acid soil growth, such as larch and spruce, are sensitive to soil value response.  In order to prevent cataplexy disease, the land that has suffered from serious fallback disease cannot be selected as Miaogu(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Don't choose nurseries in mountain beams, depressions or basins.

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In addition, the irrigation water should be fresh water, and the salt content of the water quality should be less than 0.1%, and the maximum should not exceed 0.15%(deep propagation trays). When choosing a country for seedlings, you should avoid using land with serious pests and diseases(6.3inch plastic plant pots). This type of land will not only reduce the quality of seedlings and the yield of qualified seedlings, but also increase the cost of raising seedlings.

(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale suppliers indonesia)In terms of the incidence of phytophthora infestans, when the value reaches 7 or more, the morbidity increases with the increase of the outgoing value(128 cell plug flats). When choosing the seedling surface, it is necessary to consider the suitable pH range of the seedling trees, it has good water, heat, gas, fertilizer conditions and good farming performance(24 cell trays bulk). The quality of seedling fertility is directly related to the quality and yield of seedlings.

In addition, Miaogu should avoid depressions, pits, small vacant plots in dense forests, dry and desolate mountain tops(rooting tray), valleys with insufficient sunlight, wind outlets with severe wind damage, and places prone to flooding during the rainy season. It is necessary to use land with less stone exposure(4 cell trays bulk), deep soil layers and better soil capacity for seedling solidification, and ban land with severe fertility depletion and wasteland.(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale suppliers indonesia)

In addition, the alkaline earth contains salts such as sodium sulfate and sodium bicarbonate, which are toxic to plants(v15 nursery pots). The seedlings of many tree species are affected by these salts, affecting growth and even death. In addition, alkaline soil and heavy alkaline soil are not declared as seedling surface(6.5inch plastic plant pots). There should be no diseases that have symbiotic or parasitic relationships with seedlings, nor should there be destructive weeds.

(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale suppliers indonesia)rooted in the principle of "prevention is more important than cure"(nursery tray), when selecting seedling enclosures, a detailed survey of diseases and insect pests should be carried out to understand the local conditions of diseases and insect pests and the degree of infection. Seedlings that are prone to stand-up disease should not be planted in places with cross flowers and cats(6 cell trays bulk), and there should be no pine, cypress and poplar trees around.

Heavy saline-alkaline soil has a lot of salt content and a large concentration of soil solution(germination tray price), so that the seedling root system cannot absorb water and mineral nutrients from the soil well. In order to use the land reasonably, it is necessary to divide the nursery, that is, divide the nursery into several management areas(8 cell trays bulk), in order to make full use of the land and make the layout of the nursery circle reasonable.(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale suppliers indonesia)

According to the biological characteristics of the tree species(72 cell plant tray), the method of seedling growth and the plan of non-production of seedlings, generally the seedling surface can be divided into two parts: production land and auxiliary land. If the p value is too high, it will be detrimental to beneficial microbial activities in the soil(12 cell trays bulk), and at the same time, thus affecting the supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements.

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