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Cheap Plastic Planting Trays Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

This method is carried out during the growth period, leave the petioles(plastic plant trays wholesale), and can be applied to some flowers that are difficult to open and not easy to graft, such as white orchids, miracles, chicken feet and pine. Flush. This method is generally used for columnar or spherical species in the palm plants(seed propagation trays). Triangular posts have poor cold resistance during winter and are susceptible to frostbite and rot, and it is easy to survive.

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When grafting(plastic nursery pots), cut off a small part of the top of the rootstock, then cut the base of the scion horizontally, align it with the center of the rootstock, and tie it up with a thread or plastic tape to make it closely connected. is used for flat stems such as crab claw orchids. For example, Zygocactus is commonly used as the rootstock with triangular posts(large plastic terracotta pots), and is reproduced by insertion method. Attention should be paid when transplanting.

(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale suppliers mexico)First, the transplanting time should not be too early to prevent the rooting and underdevelopment of the seedlings, which will affect the survival after transplantation(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Second, it is not advisable to transplant too late, because the medium in the seedbed is low in nutrients, causing poor growth of the seedlings, yellow and withered leaves(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). This method is widely used, easy to operate, and quick to grow seedlings.

At this point, when grafting, use a sharp knife to cut the upper and lower ends of the rootstock horizontally(seed starting trays supplier), and then cut a 3 cm deep incision in the center of the top and bottom vertically, and then cut each side of the lower end of the scion into a wedge shape of 3 cm, insert it into the incision of the rootstock, and Fix it with thin bamboo needles or pins(black plastic plant pots). Using buds as scion is a typical method of grafting during growth.(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale suppliers mexico)

Choose strong buds as scions, cut off the leaves, and cut the skin of the buds into a shield shape with a little xylem(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Then mark a "T" shape on the rootstock and peel off the skin. After inserting the bud, tie it tightly with a plastic film tape. The petiole and bud should be exposed when tying(seedling trays wholesale). It is suitable for grafting rose and plum, but the disadvantage is that the rootstock is easy to grow, which affects the growth of scion.

(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale suppliers mexico)There is another kind of bud sticking(black plastic nursery pots). During budding, the buds are also inserted into the "T"-shaped incision of the rootstock and tied tightly with plastic tape. In addition, when choosing rootstocks, it should be noted that the seedlings are more viable than the seedlings, and the two-year-old and vigorous growth is better(wholesale greenhouse pots); for the selection of the scion, the buds of the year should be used as the scion, or long thorns budding.

Grafting and breeding must grasp the best time, which is the guarantee for improving the survival rate(square grow pots); when selecting rootstocks and scions, their genetic relationship is close, the affinity is strong. After a period of shading and other cultivation, it can be transferred to normal custody(4.5inch deep square pots). The difference from the above budding is that the xylem is removed when the buds are taken, when grafting, which affects the survival rate.(cheap plastic planting trays wholesale suppliers mexico)

The young and robust branch is the scion(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers); the material should be picked as soon as the scion is grafted, and the speed should be fast; whether the rootstock or scion incision should be flattened, the cambium should be aligned, and the rootstock and scion should be tied tightly without gaps in between(4.5inch square nursery pots). Bud grafting is generally carried out from June to September, and the "T"-shaped budding method is often used.

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