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It is popular with the local people for its thick, sweet and refreshing skin(wilson garden). In general, black-skinned melon winter seeds are harvested from late spring to early summer. The yield per 667m2 can reach 5000-10000kg, and the income is more than 10,000 yuan. Generally, planting black-skin melon is one of the important channels for farmers to increase their income and get rich(200 cell trays bulk). The high-yield planting techniques of black skin melon were analyzed.

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The nursery should be away from pollution sources such as factories, traffic trunks, towns and garbage dumps(square grow pots), and choose land with flat terrain, ventilated sunny, well-drained irrigation, and seed treatment, substrate preparation and cold protection. Bonsai is not only a green leaf plant but also a dry plant. After being loosened, it is sieved and used(112 cell trays bulk). The nursery container uses a nutrient bowl or a nutrition plate. Therefore, only the container seedling method is introduced below.

(cheap plastic plug plant trays manufacturer)At present, black-skinned melon seedlings can be used for seedlings or grafted seedlings(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). There is no drought in the soil. It is said that the grafted seedlings are conducive to preventing the spread of diseases such as blight and solving the problems of winter melon continuous cropping and winter cold resistance, but the application in production is not common(288 cell trays bulk). Therefore, seedling seedlings are divided into container seedlings and field seedlings.

Should choose high-quality and high-yield, strong resistance to pests and diseases, good commodity, storage-resistant(sureroot plug trays bulk), market demand, such as Sanshui black skin melon, South China Sea black melon, Yueke black skin melon, Guangdong black skin melon. Black skin melon is one of the main vegetable varieties planted in Sulong Street(20 cell trays bulk). Usually, the former has a high survival rate and is good for cultivating strong seedlings.

Generally, the container seedling substrate soil is preferably selected from fired turf soil or pulverized dry pond mud(large plastic terracotta pots), and is 1000 kg of substrate soil + 212.5 kg of decomposed pig manure + 25 kg of superphosphate + 22.5 kg of three five compound fertilizer + 2.5 kg of 50% carbendazim The wettable powder is evenly mixed, so it is stacked for more than 7 days(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Sun-baked for 2 hours in fine weather, and then soaked in 50% carbendazim WP 500 times for 3 hours.(cheap plastic plug plant trays manufacturer)

The amount used is about 25 to 50g / 667m2(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The sowing period is generally from January 20 to February 10. The nutrition opening is 8 cm × 8 cm or 10 cm × 10 cm, and the nutrition plate can be 50 holes or 54 holes. Before sowing, mix the substrate and put it into the nutrient bowl or nutrient tray(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). The dosage is about 80%-85%. Place one seed per carp (the hole), the radicle should face down, and the surface cover is 0.5cm thin soil. The water is moist.

(cheap plastic plug plant trays manufacturer)Generally, the requirements for sunlight are not high, and the method of watering the bamboo should also consider the cultivation method(plastic plant trays wholesale). If you turn on the air conditioner at home, try to keep the temperature between 16~26°C, not too high. Therefore, wealthy bamboo can not be placed in the financial situation of the entire house, which will only lead to the loss of wealth(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). The correct Feng Shui function of Fugui Bamboo is used to promote official transportation and promote schools.

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