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Cheap Plastic Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers Jamaica

For many large plants, the use of the Vientiane caster tray is very suitable(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). As the name implies, this tray is equipped with casters and is very convenient to move, saving you a lot of energy when handling large plants. The size of this tray is not fixed, so you have more choices. And this kind of tray has a lot of colors, you can choose according to your own preferences(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Many times we like to pour more when we water the plants.

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(cheap plastic plug trays wholesale suppliers jamaica)Or some plants prefer a humid environment(bulk 14 gallon pots). We can choose a flat edge to deepen the tray. The advantage of this tray is that it has a deeper bottom that can store more water and provide a more humid environment for the roots of the plant, which is beneficial to plants. Growth. In the park or the scene of the celebration, we can often see a lot of flowers, most of which are plastic flower pots(seed starter trays). These pots are generally cheaper, and the color is black outside, jujube inside. red.

This design is designed to avoid the sun's exposure to the roots of the plant and to promote root growth(bulk 15 gallon pots). The plastic flower pots used for household flowering have more choices in color and appearance, and the price is relatively higher, but the quality is also more guaranteed. These pots are beautiful in appearance, and most of them are equipped with trays, which are very good to use. There is also a flower pot specially used for growing vegetables(plug trays wholesale). It originates from plastic flower pots and gradually develops into the current balcony cultivation. These pots are hard and have a strong load-bearing capacity.

(cheap plastic plug trays wholesale suppliers jamaica)The temperature in winter is relatively low(bulk 20 gallon pots). When the plastic flower pot is in a low temperature environment for a long time, the material is prone to degeneration and brittleness. This has a great influence on the product brand. Therefore, the manufacturer must ensure the temperature in the warehouse when storing. . Although we must ensure the temperature inside the warehouse, we must also pay attention to the temperature is not too high, too high temperature will soften and deform the flower pot, which will also affect the quality(black plastic nursery pots). In addition to the temperature problem, the humidity in winter is relatively heavy, and the flower pot should be protected from moisture in this environment.

Although there is no rust, too much moisture is not conducive to the storage of flower pots(injection molded nursery pots). There is also a fire problem, because the temperature is low, people always want to ensure the temperature, the occurrence of fire will occur, so we must pay attention to this problem. In addition to the beauty advantages of small flower pots, there are also qualitative advantages. The roots of succulents are generally not very developed(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The soil is too much, and the water can not be transpiration for a while, which easily leads to rot.

(cheap plastic plug trays wholesale suppliers jamaica)Therefore, you can choose the basin in the principle of "Ning Xiao Do not big, Ning shallow not deep"(blow molded nursery pots). In addition, in terms of prickly pears and some bulbous meats, the selection of basins can be chosen to be substantially equal to the diameter of the spheres, or the diameter of the pots is slightly larger than the diameter of the spheres by one or two centimeters. The depth of the cultivated soil is at most twice the diameter of the ball, that is to say(plastic nursery pots), if the ball diameter is 5 cm, the soil depth is 10 cm, and for the big ball, it can be shallower.

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