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Rose bud grafting method(plastic plant trays wholesale). One to two-year-old, strong growth, no disease and insect pests, such as wild Myrtle as rootstocks. Before grafting - fertilizing once a week and watering half a day ago, leaving 1-3 branches of the rootstock, and cutting off the remaining branches to prepare the rootstock(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). After a period of time, re connect the other side of the branch. At the same time, the superior variety rose was selected as scion.

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Then insert the long inclined plane into the cut of the Rootstock to make the cambium align with each other (if the sugar is thin, as long as one side of the cambium is aligned), and then tie it with plastic film(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In order to keep the scion humidity, the scion buds can be contained in the mouth or covered with a wet cloth(heavy duty plant pots). If you find that the scions are too long, you can cut them off first - some of them then embed them.(cheap plastic pots for plants manufacturers canada)

Scion is to select a leaf bud in the middle of the flowering branch(gallon pot), cut it at the upper end of the leaf bud about 0.5cm, and then cut it 0.5cm at the lower end of the leaf bud, and then cut the xylem close to the branch upward. When cutting to the upper transverse incision, take down the leaf bud, remove the upper leaves of the leaf bud(heavy duty gallon pot), and retain the petiole (some can also peel off the xylem in the bud). Rhododendron split method.

When grafting(plug trays wholesale), a knife with a length of about 0.5-0.7 cm is cut at the smooth place about 3-6 cm at the upper end of the rootstock root, and then the grafting knife is used in the middle of the cross cutting position, with a length of about 1 cm, thus forming a "t" shape. Then pick up the left and right cortex with the tip of the knife(seed starting trays wholesale), embed the scion into the cortex, and the length of scion should be parallel to the cross cutting part of Nitraria wood.

(cheap plastic pots for plants manufacturers canada)After grafting, the rootstock and scion can be firmly tied with plastic film belt(square grow pots). If the grafted rose is grafted with ground stock, the direction of the interface should face northeast. If it is potted grafting, the interface should be placed in the northeast direction(plastic potting pots). This is because the light in the northeast direction is weaker than that in the southwest direction, which can reduce the water evaporation at the incision and facilitate the wound healing.

Do not fertilize for the time being after grafting(gallon plant pot). About a week after grafting, if the petiole of scion is found to be yellow and withered, it will fall off after touching, indicating that the interface has been healed. When the new buds of scion are about 10 cm high, you can cut off the upper branches of the rootstock and remove the plastic belt, and a new moon will be born(plastic cell trays supplier). If the plum picking and healing parts are black, it means that there is no grafting.

Two to three-year-old, robust Rhododendron tomentosa was used as rootstock(gallon nursery pots). The smooth position 6-10 cm away from the j-end of the base of Nitraria tomentosa was sliced with a grafting knife, about 1 cm in length and 1 / 3 of the xylem. In this way, several scions can be grafted on the same stock at the same time, so that the growth and formation will be faster(black plastic plant pots). The above method can be used for propagation of rare and precious species.(cheap plastic pots for plants manufacturers canada)

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