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Cheap Plastic Pots For Plants Wholesale Direct USA

Such as carnation(72 plug tray), asparagus, gerbera, tulip, hyacinth, chrysanthemum, calla, gloxinia, cyclamen, rose, gladiolus, orchid, ornithogalum, monstera, Milan, clivia, camellia, jasmine, rhododendron, Kumquats, violets, phalaenopsis, fuchsia, Brazilian iron, Brazilian wood, Hulk, Schefflera, Liliaceae, Crassulaceae, cacti, begonias, ferns, shoveling soil when changing pots(plastic greenhouse trays), palms and other plants and bonsai flowers (such as nine Lixiang) and so on.

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Under normal household conditions, flowers are grown using nutrient solution(elfin thyme plug tray). Plastic pots and other containers, vermiculite, etc. can be used as substrates for cultivation. When planting, mix the substrate in a certain proportion and put it into the pot, and then plant the seedling in the center of the pot. Before planting, wash the soil of the root system of the plant, and then soak it in a nutrient solution diluted 10 times for 10 minutes(black plastic garden pots). When planting, pay attention to spreading the root system.

(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale direct usa)After the water is absorbed dry, water it again(nursery tray price). After planting, pour 0.5 times the nutrient solution from the surrounding area, and then water frequently to keep it moist. After adding soil, press the soil along the root system to avoid nesting roots. The full arch plastic shed is a simple small greenhouse made of several bamboo strips and plastic film(15 inch plant pots). When changing the pot, if the side of the pot is full of new white roots, it can be completely replaced into a large pot.

After pouring the fixed root water basin, water it immediately until there is water seeping from the drain hole of the basin bottom(v12 nursery pots). Pour the dilute nutrient solution once every 1 week or so, and then pour the normal concentration of nutrient solution after the plants resume growth(nursery tree pots). Small flower shovel can be used for potting flowers, removing seedlings, raising seedlings, digging holes, etc., and can also be used for digging topsoil when applying fertilizer.(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale direct usa)

Substrate-free cultivation means that there is no substrate for fixed plants(mushroom growing trays), and the root system directly contacts the nutrient solution, including hydroponics and spray culture; substrate-free cultivation uses the substrate to fix the root system, and flowers absorb nutrient solution through the substrate, including sand culture, gravel culture, and rock wool Culture, sawdust culture, perlite culture, etc(black plastic plant containers). Soilless cultivation can be divided into two types: substrate-free cultivation and substrate cultivation. 

(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale direct usa)Commonly used inorganic substrates are as follows: inorganic granular substrates, such as sand, ceramsite, gravel, etc(propagation trays for cuttings). Fiber matrix, such as rock wool, mineral wool, etc. Other substrates, such as perlite, vermiculite, etc. Commonly used artificial substrates are polyethylene, polypropylene, phenolic resins, and plastics(plant growing trays). Commonly used organic substrates are sawdust, straw, grass charcoal, rice husk, bark, wheat straw, coconut husk, etc.

Hydroponics is a method in which flowers are directly fixed with brackets, etc.(small plastic hanging baskets), without using any substrate, and their roots are immersed in water containing nutrient solution for cultivation. Fog culture refers to the cultivation method of tropical orchid aerial plants, the roots of which are directly exposed to the air, and the plants are sprayed with an aqueous solution containing nutrient solution regularly(3 gal plant containers). No peculiar smell, no rot. Light weight and easy to carry.

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