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The content of organic matter in the soil is relatively high, the content is 2% to 35%, the soil filling granule structure is good, the solid, liquid, and gas phase ratios are suitable, the effective water retention is 16% to 20%, and the soil thickness of the cultivated layer reaches 40 cm deep(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). How can the nutrients in the soil be transformed to meet the nutritional requirements of high quality and high yield of plants?

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If the soil filling alternates between dry and wet frequently, it is easy to cause potassium fixation, which greatly reduces the potassium liquidity in the soil solution(9cm plastic plant pots). In addition, the value of soil p has a significant impact on soil microbial groups and their life activities, thus indirectly affecting the availability of nutrients(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). This requires effective measures to make the nutrition in the soil fill effective and meet the nutritional needs of plants. 

The phosphorus in the soil is generally more effective at pH 6.0 ~ 7.5(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). For example, it mainly includes(288 cell plug tray): the content, proportion and effectiveness of the macro-elements and trace elements in the soil fill meet the nutritional requirements of vegetable production(15 cell seed trays). In the range called 6.0 ~ 8.0, the microorganisms involved in the decomposition of organic ammonia are the strongest, so there is more available ammonia in the soil at this time.

The soil list produced by Vegetables not only meets the national regulations on soil filling standards for vegetable production areas, and is not contaminated, but also requires that the soil contains various nutrients required for plant growth, and requires sufficient and effective nutrient content(128 cell plug trays). In actual production, when the soil fill has insufficient moisture, the effect of fertilization is very poor(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). Reasonably increase the input of organic fertilizer.

Factors affecting soil nutrient availability various types of nutrients in soil can be transformed into each other, among which the available nutrients are most closely related to plant growth, and their content is affected by a variety of soil conditions(21 cell plug trays). So although the soil fill water has a good effect on the conversion of nutrients, only within the appropriate soil fill water content range, plants can normally absorb water and nutrients(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia).

The essential nutrient elements for plant growth and development include carbon (c), hydrogen (H), oxygen (o), chlorine, phosphorus (P), potassium (k), calcium (CA), magnesium (mg), sulfur (S1), iron (FEL), Fort (n), steel (Cu), zinc (Zn), Cheng (b), molybdenum (MO) and chlorine (CL) Special attention should be paid to the effects of soil pH(12.5 cm plant pots), redox reaction and soil water content on the availability of soil filling nutrients(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia).

PH value not only directly affects the dissolution or precipitation of nutrients in soil, but also affects the speech movement of soil microorganisms, thus affecting nutrient availability(32 cell seed tray). The effect of the oxidation-reduction reaction (h value) of soil monoton on the availability of nutrients(9cm flower pots). The influence of soil P leaf value on nutrient availability is multifaceted(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). If the soil moisture is too low, the available nutrients will also decrease.

Taking ammonia and potassium as an example, nitrogen in soil fill is mostly organic, and it needs to be decomposed by microorganisms to form NN and non that are easy to be absorbed by plants(12cm nursery pot). However, in general, nutrients in organic matter It is easier to release nutrients than those in refractory minerals(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). Only the nutrients dissolved in the soil solution can reach the root surface through diffusion and mass flow.

The soil electrical conductivity (EC value) is within the appropriate range(32 cell seedling tray), the soil leaf value is appropriate, the soil microbial group is dominant and the content is isolated, and the harmful gas concentration includes ammonia and nitrous acid, which will not harm plants(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). Ensure that the soil filling produced by the phase room vegetable has good physical and chemical properties and a variety of nutritional balance(105 cell plug flats).

When the pH value is greater than 7.5 and there is a large amount of calcium carbonate in the soil book, the soil can indeed turn into insoluble State, reduce the effectiveness of accuracy(50 cell propagation trays). Therefore, the ten minute frequency of the reaction has a great impact on the effectiveness of these nutrients(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). The nutrients absorbed by plants are in the state of star dissolution, and water is the solvent for effective soil nutrients.

Generally speaking, good soil ventilation and high redox potential can accelerate the decomposition process of nutrients in the soil and increase the effective nutrients(162 cell seed starting trays); when poor ventilation, the redox potential is low, some soil filling nutrients are reduced, or the organic matter decomposed under the edge gas conditions produces some toxic substances, which is unfavorable to the growth of plants(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). 

In the main soil fill, except for a few metal ions such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc, most nutrient ions can be oxidized or reduced to varying degrees, especially the oxidation-reduction reaction of nitrogen, sulfur, iron and manganese is just within the H value range of the soil(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). For example, nitrogen forms noo-n under oxidation conditions, Under the reduction condition, N-N was just formed(51 cell plug trays).

The influence of soil fill moisture status on nutrient availability(50 cell plug trays). In acid soils with a pH value of less than 6.0, phosphorus easily combines with iron and aluminum in the soil to form insoluble iron phosphate and aluminum salts, which also reduces the effectiveness of 7 phosphorus(98 cell seed tray). In fact, the activity of microorganisms is affected by the soil H value(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). The redox condition of the soil fill is a sign of the aeration status of the soil fill.

When the soil nest has too much water, although it will not cause the loss of effective nutrients under the production conditions of the facility, it is easy to make the soil fill poorly aerated, resulting in the increase of some reduced nutrients, which is not conducive to the absorption of plants(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia). The redox status of the soil is in oxidation state and also harmful to some The original nutrient ions are very important(200 cell seed trays).

It directly affects the respiration process of plant roots and microorganisms, and also affects the existence and effectiveness of nutrients in the soil fill(72 cell propagation tray). When an element undergoes a redox reaction, not only its effectiveness changes, but it also affects other nutrients that precipitate with it(seedling tray 104 holes). It is often fixed by iron and manganese, while sulfur affects the absorption of nutrients by the root system in the reduced state(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale serbia).

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