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Cheap Plastic Pots For Plants Wholesale United States

Entering the turn of the autumn and summer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), through the hot potted plants in the summer, will once again enter the growing season. In this period, for many foliage plant species, such as woody Brazilian wood, rich tree, vine green radish, eucalyptus, eucalyptus; various herbs of the leaves, evergreen, bamboo raft, etc., how It is especially important to strengthen autumn maintenance. After the fall, these potted foliage plants should be moved to the outdoor semi-shade(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), or placed in a window with scattered light, door or inner balcony to directly contact the natural air and sunlight to increase photosynthesis.

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(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale united states)At the same time, the application of thin fertilizer once every 10 days is beneficial to promote their growth and development(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), so that the leaves are strong and strong, and it is also good for improving cold resistance and wintering after winter. In the autumn cool season, you can carry out a stone renovation basin for soil change from September to October. The method is as follows: firstly, the foliage plants in the long-term indoors are removed from the outdoor semi-shade or the window for several days, and the plastic basin is changed into the first clay bowl(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), the pottery basin or the porcelain cylinder, etc., and the soil and the fine sand are used for the potting soil. The half pad is placed in the bottom of the basin and then mixed with wood chips.

If it is found that there are dead rhizomes in the pot, it can be stripped and removed(plug trays wholesale). If the leaves are evergreen, they can be propagated by planting or cutting water. In strengthening autumn management, don't forget about the prevention and control of pests and diseases. If the heartworm can harm the Brazilian wood, these strip-shaped pests, after breaking into the xylem of the Brazilian wood(48 cell propagation trays wholesale), eroding the tree heart, will cause the bark and the xylem to separate and loose, and discharge a lot of yellow feces, and finally the leaves will wither and die.

(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale united states)According to this, we should also check the early prevention(black plastic nursery pots). After discovery, it can be treated with household insecticide or Bordeaux mixture. Potting soil is the material basis for the growth and development of bonsai plants. It can supply the water, nutrients and air needed by plants and plays a role in fixing plants. Most bonsai plants are limited by pots, and the potting soil is thin and small(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). At this time, the quality of potting soil puts forward higher requirements. Good potting soil is the prerequisite for ensuring the normal growth and development of bonsai plants.

In general, good basin soil should have the following conditions(plastic nursery pots wholesale): soil is loose, rich in humus, rich in nutrients, good in drainage and permeability, strong in water retention and fertility, acid and alkaline suitable for planting requirements, no pests and harmful substances. The materials used to prepare the potting soil often contain pathogens and eggs that are harmful to the plant. Therefore, the potting soil must be sterilized before being used. It can also be distinguished according to the shape of the flower blade. Generally, the smaller the flower leaves, the more light(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), such as the succulent plants such as the prickly pear. These are all hi-light plants that require long-term illumination to grow vigorously.

(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale united states)Broad-leaved evergreen plants are basically semi-femata plants(plastic nursery pots). In addition, deciduous broad-leaved flowers such as peony and chrysanthemum are hi-positive plants. Although most flowers can distinguish whether they like light through the above two points, there are still some flowers that cannot be distinguished by the leaves alone, so we need to observe them carefully. If you find that the leaves of the flowers are yellow, the flowers are falling, and the branches are weak, this means that the flowers lack light(15 cell trays bulk). You should move the plastic pots to the light-filled places to fill the light.

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