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There are two reasons for the pruning of potted lemon: the first is that the pot is small in soil and provides limited nutrients(10 gallon plant pot), which can not meet the needs of lemon growth, so it must be pruned. The second is to regulate the reasonable distribution of nutrients in the tree body through plastic pruning(square grow pots), so that the limited nutrients can be supplied to buds and leaves in a centralized way, forming more fruiting branches.

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The weak branches are strongly pruned, and the strength pruning is carried out(20 gallon nursery pots). Firstly, the dead branches, diseased branches, overlong branches, inward branches, Cross branches, sprouting branches, etc. are removed. Before the spring shoots sprout, the potted lemon leaves 2-3 buds, which makes each branch produce more robust spring shoots(cell trays). In order to control the excessive length of spring shoots, 3-4 nodes of shoots can be cut off by light cutting.(cheap plastic pots for succulents suppliers peru)

When there are 6-8 nodes of new shoots, the heart will be removed to induce more summer shoots(plastic plant pots uk). Lemon tree pruning is a branch and shoot treatment technology. Through pruning, it can give full play to the potential of tree fruit, and achieve the goal of high-yield, stable and high-quality(2.5inch square nursery pots). There are many pruning methods of lemon tree, mainly including picking, thinning, cutting, shrinking, wiping buds, twirling, sawing main branches and so on.

(cheap plastic pots for succulents suppliers peru)The purpose of cutting and cutting is for the future members of tea tree(nursery pots bulk). In the growing season, it is necessary to remove the top part of the new shoots that have not stopped growing. Retract to cut off the apex of a perennial branch group(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). A pruning saw is used to remove the main branch from the base of a disturbed tree. Pruning is generally divided into winter and summer. 

To cut a branch or group of branches or even a backbone from the base(plastic terracotta pots). The cutting method of cutting a part of an annual new shoot or a perennial branch. Wipe bud refers to the method of wiping out the buds when the shoots are sprouted to 1-2cm in summer and autumn(plug trays). Twisty tip refers to pinching some branches from the base 3-5cm by hand, rotating and twisting them greatly or twisting them downward.(cheap plastic pots for succulents suppliers peru)

Root cutting: dig the lower part of the crown, and cut off the large root and lateral root 1-2cm thick(plastic garden pots wholesale). When the two sides of the leaf begin to curl, then water moderately to promote flower bud differentiation. Lemon, which can promote flowers and keep fruit(gallon nursery pots), is a kind of tree species with flowers and fruits in four seasons, while most of the potted plants in North China have flowers and fruits in spring.

(cheap plastic pots for succulents suppliers peru)Winter pruning should be based on the principle of "pruning density and sparseness, and removing weak and strong branches"(plastic planters wholesale), and pruning dead branches, short and weak branches and excessive branches without primary empty effect. Summer pruning mainly cut off the long branches on fruitless trees(gallon plant pot), wipe off the summer branches on fruiting trees, and cut off the decaying branches in the middle and upper part of the crown.

In addition, cutting time also has to pay attention to, different seasons need to choose different periods of time(propagation pots). In cutting, the tea trees that are easy to root, such as Taiwan big leaf species and yellow orange, should be used in the selection, instead of Fujian Narcissus, Meizhan, Wulong and other varieties that are not easy to root and have low survival rate(propagation tray). The early technical preparation, maternal selection and later treatment are essential measures.(cheap plastic pots for succulents suppliers peru)

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