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Cheap Plastic Pots For Succulents Wholesale Netherlands

On the basis of applying base fertilizer, among the tomato toxin diseases, the incidence rate of mosaic type is the highest, which can account for 95%(105 cell seed trays wholesale). The germination room is replaced with warm water 1 to 2 times a day, and the case is turned to 2 to 3 times to prevent the seeds from rotting(9.06inch plastic plant pots). In general, 60% ~ ro% of seeds will germinate after 5 ~ 7 days. The four varieties of swallows are different, sowing date may be early or late. 

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The second is the stripe type(32 cell seed trays wholesale). It is mainly spread by seeds with poison; it can also be spread through watering, transplanting, pruning, tying and other operations; in continuous cropping plots, it can also be spread through the soil(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). Qianxiang: Depending on the seed germination, the germinating potential of eggplant seeds (because the outer seed coat has gum and poor permeability), the suitable temperature is 22 ~ 30 ℃.

At this time, put the seeds under the low temperature of 2 ~ 3 ℃ and carry out paper temperature treatment to promote germination(200 cell plug trays supplier). In the process of soaking seeds, do not use iron tools, and do not contact with pesticides, chemicals and oil stains to prevent germ poisoning. The early maturing varieties have a seedling age of about 65 days and the late maturing varieties are about 30 days(98 cell plug trays). The court water should be controlled.

According to the variety, it is suitable to sow forward 65 ~ 80 days during the planting period(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Using the sun eyelid to raise seedlings, planting 150-250 grams per silicon can get about 20,000 seedlings. Planting 3 acres of land. It can also be used for raising seedlings in the greenhouse(polystyrene plug plant trays). Eggplant sperm breeding method is basically similar to tomatoes, but eggplant is the most sensitive to water, too much water easily exposed roots, seedlings fall.

Seeds should be full, neat, with good maturity, pure varieties and high germination rate(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). In short, eggplant is suitable for high temperature, long seedling stage and slow growth. Therefore, in management, emphasis should be given to restraining, and restraining before and after restraining(shallow germination trays). In greenhouse sterilization, the bacteria can be divided twice, once into the greenhouse in the 2 ~ 3 leaf stage, and into the Yangwa in the 4 leaf stage.

Before the Hui grass ash, the diseased leaves and the fruit of the bottom of the ditch and the ditch should be removed(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Or do not soak seeds in hot water, but directly soak in water at 30 ℃ for 2 to 3 days. Production practice has proved that to achieve "two without bacteria" (that is, the land where the puja is planted does not carry bacteria(black plastic plant pots wholesale), and the Pu seedlings do not carry bacteria) is the fundamental way to prevent Verticillium wilt of eggplant.

If the yellow egg disease occurs during the growth period of eggplant plus fruit(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), the root can be used to prevent and cure, that is, when sporadic plants are found in the field, 70% dicloxone 800 times solution or 50% carbendazim 1000 times solution is used per forest. The rate of irrigation medicine is kilograms, and more serious plants can be penetrated(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). For Yangwa Yunan, it is sufficient to enter the 4-leaf stage and divide the seedling into one.

When eggplant verticillium wilt first occurred, the rate of irrigation per plant was kg, and the disease prevention effect could reach more than 80%(200 cell seed trays wholesale). For the diseased plants, the root irrigation liquid is increased to 750 grams, and the effect of controlling the disease is better(bulk pots). After the seeds are well diffused, they are washed and powdered out, and placed in the incubator on the G or hot pit head) to germinate with a temperature of 28 ~ 30 ℃.

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