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Especially in the heyday of Qianlong and Jiaqing, it had further development and formed various forms(7 gallon nursery pots). In the Qing Dynasty, bonsai art also mentioned: "recently, Wu Xia has developed a painting style of imitating Yunlin mountain trees. If the root has no claw shape, it will become a plug tree, so it is not taken. "(soil block propagation trays). The short leaf Narcissus and Canna in winter, supplemented with Ganoderma lucidum, are filled in ancient basins.

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And in the 27th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1688), there appeared the book "flower mirror" written by Chen Bozi, which is a monograph on horticulture(plastic tree pots). Then wolfberry, when the old qiuqu, its big as fist, root if dragon and snake. It is especially pointed out that "the protected irrigation in the basin is more difficult to Garden: the dry, warm, cold and warm of flowers and trees are more troublesome to the trees and trees"(lavender plug trays). This is similar to the water and drought bonsai.

(cheap plastic pots that look like terracotta factory uae)It uses a long white stone basin or a purple sand Yixing basin, and selects more than ten cypress cypress or maple, elm, June snow(nursery pots bulk), or tiger thorn, boxwood, plum stake, etc., and carefully considers its posture. It is planted on the mountain by stones, or by Kunshan white stone or Guangdong Yingshi, to form beautiful scenery of mountain forest at random, and to place several pots in Gaoxuan Before the study room(best microgreen trays), Chengya people made a clear confession.

It is necessary to turn out the branch and not to leave it on the left or right to avoid the disease of the ancestral chest and back(plastic bonsai pots). They should not go straight out from front to back. They are famous for their double or triple rise, and two or three trees can be built from one tree. It can be seen that there were more and more bonsai plants at that time(plastic plant pots manufacturers). There is a monk named Lihuan in Suzhou who specializes in making bonsai, which is often worth hundreds of gold.

The branch should not be salted and swollen like the crane's knee(10 gallon plant pot). In the book, bonsai plants were divided into four masters, seven sages, eighteen scholars and four elegant flowers and plants. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, Shen Baisan, a native of Suzhou, advocated pruning the bonsai trees in his six chapters of a floating life(lavender plug trays wholesale). "If you plant new flowers and trees, you may as well take advantage of the inclination of their leaves.(cheap plastic pots that look like terracotta factory uae)

A small stone is set next to it, and a Zhuji is set on it. It is elegant in the Qing Dynasty(plastic plant pots uk). It is sparse and not complicated. It stands in a pavilion. It looks like a hermit gentleman. It is pure and pressing. It is relatively warm to the Tianchi tea, and recites the original color poetry, which is very fast to block the eyes of the world(succulent propagation tray). To if there is a cattail, night can be collected lamp smoke, morning to take dew run eyes, Cheng Xianling ruipin, Zhai can not be abandoned.

(cheap plastic pots that look like terracotta factory uae)After a year, the branches and leaves will naturally go up(plastic terracotta pots). If trees are planted directly, it is difficult to take advantage of potential. ". "When it comes to cutting and planting potted trees, first take the roots with exposed chicken feet and cut them into three sections from left to right, then branch by branch, seven branches to the top, or nine branches to the top(plastic plant pot suppliers). He thought that the shape of the potted tree should be beautiful only if its roots are exposed.

During the Jiaqing period, Su Ling of Wuxi wrote two volumes of "the record of potted animals"(20 gallon nursery pots). In the book of Yangzhou huazhilu written by Li Dou, it is mentioned that in Qianlong's period, Yangzhou had created flower and tree landscape and landscape scenery, and had potted landscapes made into waterfalls. As a result of the extensive construction of gardens and bonsai, Yangzhou at that time, as the book said(plastic nursery pots suppliers): "every family has a garden, every household raises bonsai.".

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