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Cheap Plastic Potting Containers In Bulk

Since most people will grow their own vegetables, cabbage is one of them(50 cell seed starting trays). However, farmers will find that in the process of planting cabbage, it is prone to non-ball formation or loose balls. How to prevent and control? Autumn sowing cabbage is so late, until the winter is coming, there is not enough time to make a ball, which means that no ball or loose ball is formed(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Spring sowing cabbage is planted too late, the balling period is in summer, no Conducive to the ball.(cheap plastic potting containers in bulk)

In the middle and late stages of the growth of autumn sowing cabbage(seed plug trays wholesale), there is too much rain and lack of sunlight, which affects the growth and development of cabbage, which will cause no balling or loosening of the ball. This phenomenon can also occur in the summer, when the summer season is too cloudy and the temperature is too high. Mixed cultivars lead to false ball. Cabbage and its varieties are highly prone to hybridization(black plastic nursery pots). In the breeding, effective isolation measures are not taken, and hybrids are easy to produce. Plants grown by hybrids generally do not.

Or if there is too much soil moisture and poor soil ventilation, there may be loosening of the ball(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). In the seedling stage, the seedlings are long or the seedlings are over-formed, and the aging seedlings will also lead to the formation of the ball. The point at which the pest bites off the plant causes the plant to fail to form a ball. The leaf is damaged by pests, causing the leaf area of the rosette to be too small(plastic nursery pots). The diseases such as viral diseases and black rot cause the leaves to shrink, and the photosynthesis of the leaves is weakened, so that the leaves are loose or not.

(cheap plastic potting containers in bulk)For the cultivation of cabbage in the countryside, choose the pure seeds that are marketable(32 cell seed starting trays). Cabbage must be isolated during seed production to prevent natural hybridization, and varieties and varieties that are easy to cross each other need to be strictly isolated. The selection of cabbage sowing period and planting period is closely related to the local climate. The sowing and planting period are different in different geographical locations and different altitudes(wholesale nursery pots). The suitable sowing and planting period can be determined according to the characteristics of the cultivated area.

In this case, after the soybeans are boiled, the residue is filtered out(105 cell seedling trays wholesale), and pests and diseases are controlled in time from sowing to harvesting. So what are the reasons why cabbage is not in the ball? Or the temperature of the summer cabbage is too high, which will cause no ball or loose ball. Apply enough base fertilizer, multiple top dressings, especially in the rosette leaf growth period and the ball-forming period, there must be sufficient supply of fertilizer and water(plug trays wholesale). The cabbage is not rich in water during the growing season, or the temperature is too low.

(cheap plastic potting containers in bulk)Note the application of nitrogen(105 cell seed starting trays), phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, but also pay attention to the application of trace elements such as calcium and boron. When planting, it is necessary to select soil with more calcium, use organic fertilizer for base fertilizer, and increase potassium fertilizer is an effective measure to prevent loosening of the ball. The above is all the content that Xiaobian wants to share with you today(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If you have planted cabbage in the rural home and don't make a ball, you can find the reason and make some corresponding prevention methods!

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