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Kiwi, a fruit that is very helpful for cardiovascular disease, its face value is not so good-looking, the green flesh is still very attractive(cell trays), if it is ripe kiwi, the taste is quite good(vegetable growing trays). How should family kiwi be planted? What kind of planting method has a higher survival rate? What are the precautions for planting? Kiwi dioecious can not be selected only in the garden or pot, otherwise it will not pollinate.

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Pay attention to the supply and adjustment of water and fertilizer(blow molded nursery pots). Grafting the branches of a male plant at the right part of a female plant is also the best of both worlds. The male plant has a short internode distance, smooth branches, and compact plant types, and the female plant has long internodes, hairy branches, and scattered plant types(grass growing trays). The simplest and most accurate way to distinguish is to distinguish flowers.(cheap plastic potting containers manufacturers uae)

The female flower has a maximum of three flowers in one section, the flower is large, and the stamens are very short(7 gallon nursery pots bulk); the male flower section has at least three flowers, the flowers are small, the pistil is degraded without a style, and the stamens are long and numerous. Although bleached and dried in the shade, then sown, sowing in spring(1 gallon plant container). After sowing, pay attention to keep it moist and avoid direct sunlight. Home cultivation is simple and has a high survival rate.

(cheap plastic potting containers manufacturers uae)Generally, it takes 30 days to take root(bulk 10 gallon pots). Generally combined with winter pruning, choose to develop robust annual branches, cut and insert. Cuttings are 10 to 15 cm long, with 2 to 3 bud eyes, and the upper cut is 1.5 cm away from the buds. In order to increase the rooting rate, 0.01% ~ 0.03% indole acetic acid can be used to soak the base of the cuttings for 12 hours(teku pots). The cutting substrate is made of pure sand and vermiculite, with a depth of 1/3 ~ 1/2.

After cutting, it is irrigated with water to cover the shading(bulk 14 gallon pots). Grafting is the use of seeded seedlings to cultivate excellent varieties, which usually stop in early spring. If there is a better variety, it may be better to use grafting to change the variety by grafting or rooting. The choice is moderate, such as Kui Mi in Chinese kiwi, Wu Zhi 2 and Xu Xiang in delicious kiwi(large plastic plant pots for trees). It seems that the rest, such as flowering kiwi and hairy kiwi, can also be used for balcony potting.

(cheap plastic potting containers manufacturers uae)The kiwi cultivation container should be selected to be larger to meet the requirements of kiwi's vigorous development and large leaves and more water and fertilizer consumption(plastic potting pots). Kiwi is a dioecious. To have abnormal results, you must pair it with a male and female plant of the same flowering period, and perhaps graft a male branch on the female plant to handle pollination(one gallon plant pots). How to distinguish between male and female?

In the rainy season and dormant period, you need to insist that the pot soil is slightly dry(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). During the development of summer and autumn seasons, you need to water frequently and keep moist. The breeding seeds are fresh food species with short and compact internodes(3 inch nursery pots). Kiwi ulcer disease is one of the most dangerous bacterial diseases in kiwi production. Its transmission is hidden, explosive, persecution and destruction Sex.(cheap plastic potting containers manufacturers uae)

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