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Cheap Plastic Propagation Trays Factory Saudi Arabia

Flower growth period can be applied liquid fertilizer, such as cooked bean cake fertilizer, human manure, etc(large plastic plant pots uk). Generally, fertilizer should be applied once every 10 days. Secondly, fertilization should be timely. In spring and summer, a large number of new shoots grow, so fertilizer should be applied in time, once every 10 days and half a month(large round planter pots). It should not be applied in the case of hot sun, rainy day or basin soil being too wet.

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For flowers that like acid soil (such as Milan, etc.), alum fertilizer water (namely ferrous sulfate water) can be applied once a month instead of liquid fertilizer(heavy duty nursery pots). If one time fertilization is too much, the concentration of fertilizer in the soil is too high, it will damage the root, cause the part of root, branch and leaf to wither or even die(5 gallon plastic container). If fertilization is too little or not, flowers will grow thin and weak due to lack of nutrients.(cheap plastic propagation trays factory saudi arabia)

Fertilizer should be applied along the edge of the basin, not "drench the head", otherwise, even if the amount is appropriate, it will damage the flowers(greenhouse planting pots). On the contrary, in autumn and winter, when some flowers stop growing or leave their leaves dormant, they should be applied less or not(nursery containers wholesale). Fertilization time, such as liquid fertilizer, should be applied after 4:00 p.m. on sunny days and when the basin soil is slightly dry.

(cheap plastic propagation trays factory saudi arabia)In addition, fertilizer should be balanced(7 inch plant pot). Long term use of a single fertilizer, flowers will appear long, weak, less flowering and other adverse phenomena. Therefore, attention should be paid to the balanced collocation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and it is better to choose the flower fertilizer pieces sold by flower shops(bulk buy plant pots), which contain not only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also other elements necessary for flower growth.

It turns out that the egg shell is upside down on the flowerpot, and the remaining protein in the shell flows into the surface layer of the pot soil(3 gallon black plastic nursery pots). After fermentation, a certain amount of heat will be generated. Miscellaneous fat water: prepare a small jar and put the leftovers from the kitchen, such as bean dregs, fish soup, shrimp and eggshells into the jar at any time(15 gallon plastic pots). There are many flowers and trees that are easy to grow in the south.(cheap plastic propagation trays factory saudi arabia)

A few can burn the local flower roots, while many will burn all the flower roots, leading to the death of flowers(plastic terracotta planters). At the same time, there is a stink after protein fermentation, which is easy to attract insects, mosquitoes and flies to induce a variety of diseases and insect pests. The amount of fertilizer should not be too much at a time(one gallon nursery pots). If the fertilizer is purchased from the florist, it can be used according to the instructions.

(cheap plastic propagation trays factory saudi arabia)Generally, bean cake is crushed with cake fertilizer water(8 inch nursery pots), then fermented and decomposed by adding 10 times water, and then the upper clarifying liquid is taken, and then diluted with 5 times water, the effect is the best. Chicken manure water: add 10 times water for fermentation, and then add 15 times water for application(nursery pots for sale). Hoof horn water: the animal hoof horn is chopped up and soaked in water, and the liquid juice is diluted before application.

In the north, although the growth conditions of flowers and trees are satisfied in terms of temperature, light and humidity(8 inch plant pot), the flowers and trees are still yellow and hungry and thin. One of the key reasons is the different pH value of soil. Some people raise flowers, often put the egg shell on the soil in the pot, thinking that this can add nutrients to the flowers, which is conducive to the growth of flowers(propagation trays nz). In fact, this will backfire.(cheap plastic propagation trays factory saudi arabia)

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