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Must first understand the habits of jasmine(plastic plant pots canada), potted jasmine, afraid of cold, basin soil is generally replaced in two years or so, jasmine 3-6 years of seedlings bloom most vigorously, and then aging year after year, must be timely re-cut. Before the germination of the Spring Festival, the raw shoots can be properly cut short, leaving the base 10-15 cm(large plastic nursery pots), so that most of the thick new shoots occur.

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Because jasmine has to be cleaned for at least three to five batches of flowers a year, the nutrients are extremely large(72 cell flats), so the amount of fertilizer is large, and the fertilizer supplied by the potting soil is limited, so it is necessary to carry out topdressing in time. Jasmine fertilization is exquisite, and improper fertilization is easy to cause "fertilization"(polystyrene plug plant trays), thus affecting the healthy growth of jasmine. Thin fertilizer and diligent application, a small number of times.

(cheap plastic rooting tray manufacturer)Therefore, fertilization is easy to carry out on sunny days, and do not apply fertilizer when the soil is wet(50 cell tray). Try to use organic fertilizer as much as possible, inorganic fertilizer is less applied, inorganic fertilizer is easy to cause basin soil compaction and alkalized potting soil(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). After applying organic fertilizer on the first day, remember to return to the water the next day, so that the roots can be better absorbed and not easily fattened.

Therefore, the preparation of potting soil is very important for home potting conservation(online plastic pots for plants). After the Mid-Autumn Festival, do not fertilize again; at this time, root absorption has gradually weakened, fertilization is easy to fatten. Potted jasmine should know how to add water to plants in time(heavy duty propagation trays)! Do not apply fertilizer during non-existent growth period, especially after the new potted pot, it is easy to cause root rot. This kind of statement is extremely unscientific. 

Jasmine potted plants should be watered to "see the principle of seeing wet, not drying, pouring, pouring." It should be poured in a few days(5 gal nursery pots wholesale). The climate, air humidity and other factors are ever-changing, so it is impossible to water the potted plants once a few days. See the understanding of dryness and wetness: it means that we have seen the surface of the potting soil dried up by the naked eye(3 gallon pots bulk), and we must immediately water the potted plants.(cheap plastic rooting tray manufacturer)

The understanding of not drying or not pouring: It is when we see that the surface of the potting soil is dry, we can water the potted plants(shallow germination trays with holes). On the contrary, there is no need to water the plants. The understanding of pouring and pouring: Once the jasmine is watered, it will be poured, and the water will flow out from the bottom of the basin. (In this case, it is not advisable to water the water when it is watered(nursery containers for sale). Sometimes the basin soil is cracked.

(cheap plastic rooting tray manufacturer)The second is the water for fish farming. The fish culture contains a lot of nutrients(72 cell plug flats). If you use tap water, you need to put it for a few more days. The flower in the north is alkaline. You can drop a few drops of white vinegar in the water to neutralize the water Alkaline(half gallon planting pots). Jasmine is extremely happy, so it is necessary to give jasmine plenty of sun, so that it can promote the growth of jasmine, not long, and more flowers.

Potted water, the best rain, especially the spring rain, there is the saying that "spring rain is as expensive as oil"(buy succulent pots). When the water is poured, it will flow out from the crack immediately. At this time, the interior of the potting soil is not transparent, so it is necessary to do a small amount of pouring. Watering through(large plastic plant pots for sale). Watering should not be simply determined by time. It needs a small amount of times and can be mixed with some granules.

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