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Dragon fruit likes slightly acidic soil, and the pH of the soil is preferably between 6-7(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is very resistant to drought and has poor moisture resistance. Its water requirements are certainly not high, as long as it can support the water necessary for abnormal development(seed starter trays). The amount of water to be adjusted according to different conditions throughout the year, the amount of evaporation in the spring is small, and the amount of water to be poured should be appropriately reduced.

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I think it is especially amazing, especially the red dragon fruit, which must be artificially pollinated(seed starting trays). Since the dragon fruit is originally a desert flower, as the light is enhanced and the temperature rises, the number of watering should be increased appropriately. In case of continuous rain, pay attention to draining and avoid rotten roots(nursery plant pots). In the autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the plant development is strong, and the fruit is growing up.(cheap plastic rooting tray wholesale supplier)

According to the shallow characteristics of the root of the dragon fruit(black plastic plant pots), it is best to plant it in the sandy loam soil with loose and breathable, well-drained and fertile surface. The dragon fruit is planted in the greenhouse, the watering amount must be moderate, it is not suitable for flood irrigation, and the drip irrigation facility should be buried(greenhouse supplies pots). During the flower bud development period and fruit expansion period, foliar fertilization should be stopped according to the situation.

(cheap plastic rooting tray wholesale supplier)Generally, as long as the leaves are not rotted, although the dragon fruit is resistant to thinness, the nutrient supply is the key if the result is large and the yield is high(square nursery pots). To achieve high yields, the roots of dragon fruit are concentrated on the surface of the soil. It should be properly watered according to the weather conditions. It is better to use the soil in the shed every month(plastic grow pots). It is recommended to apply 2000 kg of organic fertilizer per mu, 50 kg of NPK compound fertilizer, and mix well with the topsoil. 

Water should be stopped one week before harvesting to promote sugar accumulation(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). No need to spray, therefore, stop scientific fertilization, formula fertilization. The principle is: organic fertilizer, supplemented by fertilizer and microbial fertilizer. Nitrogen was the main seedling stage, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers were the main stage of flowering. Apply a small amount of fertilizer to avoid burning roots and rotten roots(flat plastic tray). In the specific fertilization treatment, it is necessary to apply sufficient base fertilizer before planting.

(cheap plastic rooting tray wholesale supplier)In the result period, as a primary branch, organic manure is best in chicken manure and sheep manure, and the fruit is large and has a high sugar content(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the spring and autumn seasons, the compound fertilizer is applied once every half month with watering(128 cell seed starter trays). In the results period of June, July and August, it is necessary to stop the topdressing and increase the application of trace element fertilizer to ensure the development of fruit and improve the quality of the fruit.

Composting and manure must increase the contact surface between seeds and soil(propagation tray). Spring potato breeding is often used before and after convulsions. There is also a place to pay attention to, that is, do not let the leaves often get water, do not spray water at night. In addition, if you have patience, you can continue to raise it. It usually takes 2~3 weeks for the leaves to root and sprout(seed plug trays wholesale). After the leaves of the fleshy flowers are healed, the leaves can be laid on the soil.(cheap plastic rooting tray wholesale supplier)

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