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Cheap Plastic Rootmaker Trays Wholesale Supplier

The seedbed for dry-bed operation should be poured 15 to 20 cm or attached to the bottom(plastic plant trays wholesale), and a small water should be poured before the next day. If you use the seedlings after planting, then plant the cover soil and water the cover soil, you can use the intermittent watering method. If it is a sand ridge seedbed, it is particularly dry after smashing. It can be immersed in the bed for 3~5 days before the plate is placed, which can reduce the amount of watering above(cell trays). Reduce the amount of leaching of the strong sputum.

(cheap plastic rootmaker trays wholesale supplier)It is recommended that this fungicide not be used and spray it onto the cover soil(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Or spray the fungicide before planting, and mix the bacteria on the cover soil. Because, the whole process of sterilization; because the seeds are sterilized, some are also sterilized in the bed, the sputum also has a bactericide, equal to the soil and the tray and bed is also sterilized, and some before planting A bactericide is added once(gallon plant pot), and the efficacy period of the bactericide can be maintained to 2.5 leaves of rice seedlings.

Cotton rot is a bacterial disease, and there must be a bacterial source(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). If these bacteria can pass the following bactericides, return to the top with the water, is the bacteria too overbearing? Or these bactericides are invalid? If the bactericide is effective, the source of the bacteria must come from the cover soil! The only non-sterilization The place is covered with soil. Bactericides, acids and fertilizers are all soluble(propagation tray). Used on the subsoil, with the water back to the cover soil is a trace amount, will not hurt the rice seeds.

(cheap plastic rootmaker trays wholesale supplier)If these ingredients can return to the cover soil and work, then use them all on the bed, then sow the soil and sow the soil(large plastic terracotta pots), wait for them to come back, and save labor. Is this possible? Watering is more, and soluble substances are leached down to the water with a large amount. If the sturdy and fungicides have a great effect on the following, the effect on the cover soil is extremely small(gallon nursery pots). Therefore, it is recommended to spray the bactericide on the cover soil to achieve full sterility.

The prevention of cotton rot and blight has a significant effect(nursery plant pots). From the feedback information of the rice farmers in the past 18 years, the fungicides before the sowing were moved to the cover soil, and the anti-disease effect is outstanding! The cover soil can be sterilized, and a sufficient amount of carbendazim or Kejia combination can be used. Polymycin can also be used. There is no fungicide on the cover soil, and it is also possible to spray the bacteria or the bacteria on the cover soil(plug trays). After the soil is applied, the humidity is suitable, and the film is sealed, even if the seeding is finished, waiting for emergence.

(cheap plastic rootmaker trays wholesale supplier)For the seedlings of the subsoil, it is best to choose a strong sputum with the same particle size(square grow pots). Be sure to spread evenly. Full-speed solution of water-soluble sputum sputum, small particles, easy to apply, fast. The subsoil table is used to grow seedlings, and it is necessary to choose dry beds, dry seedlings, and watering. The strong sputum is easy to see with water. If it is a particularly dry seedbed, you can first pour water on the bed(black plastic plant pots). The seedbed that is not water-repellent can not be used as a strong agent.

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