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Cheap Plastic Seed Cell Trays Wholesale Philippines

According to the indoor environmental pollution degree, the plant is selected(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Generally, the indoor environmental pollution is in the environment of mild and moderate pollution, and the pollution value is less than 3 times of the national standard. The plant purification can receive better results; according to indoor environmental pollution, it is targeted. Choose plants. Some plants have a strong effect on the purification and adsorption of certain harmful substances(2 gallon plant pots supplier). If they are selected and cultured indoors, they can have obvious effects.

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(cheap plastic seed cell trays wholesale philippines)According to the different functions of the room, the plants are selected and placed(seed starter trays). At night, the plants breathe vigorously, releasing carbon dioxide, and placing too many plants in the bedroom is not conducive to sleep at night. According to the size of the room, the plants are selected and placed. In general, the room of about 10 square meters and the 1.5-meter-high plant are suitable for indoor plants(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The green plant leasing can not only beautify the environment, but also add green to the living room. .

Moreover, green plants are also good medicines for absorbing indoor pollutants(plug trays wholesale), and can also humidify indoor dry air through the respiration of leaves. What do you know about the green plants in the house? Do you know their habits? Here we recommend some common green values for you: spider plant: alias Folding Crane, Cymbidium, Tree Banana, which can be used within 24 hours(1 gallon plant pots supplier). It can eliminate 80% of harmful substances in 1 cubic meter of air and absorb 86% of formaldehyde.

(cheap plastic seed cell trays wholesale philippines)It can absorb carbon monoxide and nitrogen peroxide emitted from stoves, electrical appliances and plastic products(black plastic nursery pots). Hang Lan Xi warm and humid climate conditions, not cold and heat resistant, should be half shade, afraid of glare, hi drainage, breathable sand loam. Huweilan: Also known as Tiger Piran, Chitose, Tigertail, and Jinlan, a pot of tigertail can eliminate more than 80% of harmful gases in 1 cubic meter of air(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Huweilan can release a lot of oxygen during the day.

Drought-tolerant, moisture-resistant, and yin-resistant(plastic nursery pots wholesale), can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, aloe vera: also known as Lu Hui, Ne Hui, Xiang Jiang, slave society, Lao Wei. Huayuan said, "Aloe vera is a strong hand, and formaldehyde is scared to hide." Under the condition of 24 hours of illumination, 90% of the formaldehyde contained in 1 cubic meter of air can be eliminated. Aloe vera prefers to grow in loose soil with good drainage performance and difficult to form(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). Lavender is a purple-blue flower with a beautiful and elegant leaf shape. The blue-violet inflorescence is long and beautiful. It is a new perennial cold-resistant flower plant in the courtyard.

(cheap plastic seed cell trays wholesale philippines)Lavender is a perennial shrub plant that is sunny, heat-resistant, drought-tolerant, extremely cold-resistant, resistant to thinness, and resistant to salt and alkali(plastic nursery pots). It is also a full-risk plant and flower, so the cultivated field needs sufficient sunshine and good ventilation. In the following Shanghai indoor flower rental, lavender, in addition to indoor and outdoor potted ornamental and flower path clusters, there are other functions. Because of her rich aroma, she feels calm and calm, and has a cleansing effect(2 gallon plant container wholesale). It has become an important raw material in the world today.

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